A Resumé

This year has been a long jump from the London bridge, survival for the fittest and an emotional marathon.

I’ve passed the last months suppressing my need to tell you How much I love you, though l know you’ve moved on.

The slow progression of my blog drives me berserk and makes me long to press the “delete blog” button. Jealousy arises at the sight of how I wish it should be but seeing it on others’ properties-blog.

I long for eternal honesty, real followers and true friends. Lovers of peace and art. Spreaders of joy.
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

If I had to be totally honest my résumé would look something like that but no I’m not ungrateful ’cause I’ve lots more to give thanks for.

My freedom of expression and artistic liberty began on 29th February 2016 with lots of encouragements and support from my closest friends.

I had the honour of gladly accepting 4 different awards in the space of 2months from awesome fellow bloggers, each with their genuity and uniqueness: Blogger Recognition Award , The Versatile Blogger Award, The Sunshine Blogger Award and The Mystery Blogger Award. Many are against this gesture and argue that the simple fact of giving it out to whosoever removes the necessity or credibility of these awards. But I strongly disagree because I think that it helps people bond and lets one know that someone out there thinks you aren’t wasting your time with the hours you spend each day on your blog. Real and true friendships are created most of the time via these awards.

If you wish to get to know me better, I would strongly advice you to take a look at: About The Author, Who am I and Why am I here? and The things I like and those I’m good at

I interviewed 2 awesome bloggers this year, why don’t you take a look: A star in the making and A Star In The Making starring Tantei Mgin

I’ve come to write 120 posts these 10 last months where I’ve greatly encouraged other incredible artists by reblogging their post. Please click here to have access to all the posts I’ve reblogged this year. I’m sure you’ll find it as breath-taking as it was for me. A great pleasure reading and spreading the “greatart.

Stastics based on the number of likes received for my posts have shown that my ideal readers preferred: Jealousy ,Regrets, A confession, Rainfall.., I write because, A Quote1 ProtestBountyLove ,Hero  this year. Most of which I didn’t think would have such success, so thank you very much.

So I would strongly recommend each and every one of them to take a look at my favourites of this year: FRIEND, Window, Change, Nature, The Beginning, SECRET, Our final sunset, A coffee for 2, Monster, Hero.  

N.B: I’m passionate about all my posts but these have touched me the most.

My success and gratitude goes back to WordPress because almost all my posts are inspired by their daily prompts or university courses, so a huge thank you to the staff of WordPress.

These link1 and link2  give you access to each and every post ever posted on Idealizeblog, please take your time, you might find inspiring vibes in between each lines.

Coming into this adventure, I had no ambitions but learnt through multiple disappoints that it’s important to aim for the sky because then you are your own limit. Hence I decided to aim for 30 followers, 60 posts in the first 6 months and 120 followers, 1200 visits and 120 posts by the time I celebrate my blog’s 1 year anniversary. Do you know what? I’m at 104 followers, 120 posts and 1900 visits counting 10months into this journey, so this year was indeed incredible for me. I know some are celebrating 1000 followers,etc but I want to make it clear that I treasure each and everyone of you out there that take their time to visit, like and/or comment. I couldn’t be anymore happier. Obtaining an honourable number of 500 likes and counting on the 11th of december 2016.

100 Follows!

Moreover, I would love to send a shout out loud to the following blogs that gave me a great read, awesome content and true talent throughout my first wonderful 10 months into this blogging adventure;

Wanderlust: Wow Tantei’s good mood and love of life is an inspiration. Even when she talks about break-ups, heart aches and even death, she takes them in the humorous way and joyful manner. Tantei publishes every hour of the day so you’ll never lack what to read if you follow her 😉

lovelyricism: Christa is an inspiration. She’s a mother of two with great dreams and ambitions of self-employment and entrepreneurship. She always has something to teach everyone and below the simplicity of her poems lies a great, sensitive human being. If you follow her, you will not regret 👌

Frank Solanki: Frank is the master of poetry with a mastery of his element. He writes with his heart and not the brain. He seduces with his words and takes you on a journey of every emotion he protraits. Frank is an artist 👌 Though I would prefer that he trully interacts with fellow bloggers ’cause my impression is that he doesn’t leave his confort zone, that is his blog because he knows his talent will eventually lead everyone to him. Sorry Frank 🙈

Little April Shower: aaahh sweet April. She’s someone to follow because she writes on the sensitive matters of society, putting them down to the language of a lay man. Everyone comes out of her site with something new learnt. Thank you very much April 👏

Enchanted Forests: Anything that you would want to learn about the bio and cultural diversity of a rich, undiscover country, please follow him, he’s amazing 👌 Though I could complain about the same issues as with Frank 🙈

where there is love: I think she’s a wonderful person with an idealistic view of how the world should be. With preconceived solutions to the horror the world is becoming. I strongly recommend this blog ✊

Aliyah’s Wishland: My 12years old blogger debutant. I would really like her to continue her road up to success with a poetry book already at her name, I can see huge things coming  her way. So please show some love 💓

Spilled Ink:A brilliant blogger with brilliant ideas and art in the skin ✊

SumitOfficial’s Blog: A billionaire in the making with lots of sensitivity and passion 👌💓But I could complain about the same issue as Frank 🙈

NEORENAISSANCE MAN: Luke is very talented. He works hard with every post and takes everything in life with a high degree of seriousness 👌 I just would like to warn y’all of his love of high standard vocabulary, metaphors and hyberbole 😏🙈

The Blog Dahlia: awww She’s just so sweet, please 🙇 do folow.

Sincerely, Sunny : MMM..This is a blog rated not least then 16years please. Even though I’ve just started to follow her, she writes amazingly well so please take some time to stop by and judge for yourself ✊ Just beware of adult content 😉

BEXoxoBlog: Her strong will and life story is an inspiration that I would like every woman out there to have access to. So please go ahead and show her some love 💓

Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your patience and courage shown by your will to come to the end of this post. I sincerely hope it was well written and that you’d be delighted to SEND ME A “HI”, I promise to get back to you as soon as I can and maybe we could stay in touch 😉

Finally, I would like to say sorry to all those people out there that I may have offended one way or another, angered, disappointed or been unfair to. May the new year bring more happy moments, better friends and a peaceful world.

In exactly 1minute in my time zone it’ll be midnight so..

HAPPY, JOYFUL, SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS YEAR 2017 to you all, may the year bring its events that will only leave us all stronger and better individuals with a better and safer society.. 

👼 💞 👑 💫 💓 🎂 🍹 🍻 🍫 🍭 ✈ 🛀 🌠 🌈 🎄 🎉 🎁 ♥ 🎶 🎼 🎸 📜 💰 💯

Yours sincerely


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17 thoughts on “A Resumé

  1. I checked out a lot of blogs from your list and loved your daughter’s blog too. It’s fun to read and I feel as though she is much more mature for a 12-year-old. Kids grow up so fast. Love kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks so much for the follow and completely reading the post, I appreciate the effort.
      You just made my laugh hard cause she ain’t my daughter please 🙈 just a young sister-fellow blogger. Thanks for showing love 😊😄👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah don’t excuse yourself, I can tell by that love of c have children, that you have some of your own, so please give them a huge kiss and hug for me 😉😘😁 And enjoy your time with them while you still can, chao👋✌


  2. Thank you, your words really, really meant quite a lot to me. I too can confidently say that it’s been a wonderful time knowing you, and you supported me too, quite a lot. I may be a little late to say this, considering it’s already April, but I wish you a very successful 2017. I’m sure it will bring more than you can imagine, and that your blog will expand to continue to give readers amazing and inspiring content.

    -Aliyah, from Aliyah’s Wishland

    Liked by 1 person

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