Deep under my skin,
Flowing in my blood,
Renewing every thought,
The cause of my teardrops..
Love is so pure
Makes the world go round.
The smile of a new born,
The creation of a new life.
Tried to catch myself
Falling from that height.
A mountain’s climb of obstacles,
But always a bright shining light.
A desert full of worries,
Arguments rekindle that fire,
Broken by his words,
Piece by piece I’m jigsawed..
Love is a mystery,
Positivity and negativity combined.
Beware of the bumps,potholes,
Of the road you are about,
To go down….

written by M.A.B.D.O

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NUMBER 1 FAN, I hope you had and are passing an awesome day;as well as planned something amazing today for this event so that it reflects your awesomeness. Drink my cup of champaigne for me ;-)..God bless, keep you and give you many more years to come…Lots of love


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