A Star in the making….starring Tantei Mgin.

Welcome to a new edition of A Star In The Makinga monthly publication in which incredible bloggers out there are made more familiar to my ideal readers and today’s lucky blogger is Tantei, my Specialize.

I met Specialize after she liked a comment I made on Luke Atkins’ blog. Whenever I see this I am always encouraged to go and visit the persons blog and comment as much as I can. I really liked the blog and decided to follow. She is such an interative person that she answered all my comments and later on decided to follow my blog too. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for that, I really did/do appreciate it 😀

That was exactly 20days ago (9th September 2016- present date) and now I would love to introduce her to you; let you learn more about her and why not eventually lead you all to her extraordinary blog. Tantei M.Gin was more than happy to answer and I sincerely hope you’ll all be very satisfied at the end of this.. I definitely was.

1.) Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

I am a twenty year-old girl with manic and depression moods constantly playing in my head. Yep. That’s just about it, for now. I do not always describe myself, you see. I leave that to the outsiders.

2.) Being a young…in the field of… can you briefly tell us what it is all about.

Hmm… I am young at all these fields; e.g. creative writing and accounting technology. I cannot define what the former is (obviously) but Accounting Technology, for those familiar with the course is a lot like the accountancy profession except that those who take it have no licensure examination. What we have are certifications.

3.) What have been your motivations in this domain?

Oh, nothing really. I wanted another course when I was in high school. Things happened and this was where I went. In all fairness though, I like it. It is not that hard to love anyways especially since I do love working with numbers, in one way or another.

4.) How did your parents influence your choice?

They did not. Haha! Either in any or both of the domains aforementioned, my parents did not influence me. My mom is a great writer and speaker but I can proudly say I am my style and she is hers, too. As to the field of business (my course), though I have cousins and uncles who graduated from the said course, they did not take the board exam, and in no way influenced me. I am a hard person to influence, if I were to say so anyways.

5.) Does this choice have anything to do with your childhood and familial background?

Not at all.

6.) Why did you start your blog?

Nothing really. Prior to this one, I have had blogs where I would post my poems and short stories for safekeeping. Yeah, do not judge. I was alien to Google Drive until I started working! But I grew tired of constantly updating it, so I deleted my posts. Then, a friend (for future reference and if you do decide to search my prior posts) we shall call as VARK had a girlfriend and I was heartbroken. And after 3 months of questioning myself, I just sort of had to let it all out for strangers to see. Hoping someone out there would understand.

7.) Why the choice of Wanderlust as a name?

I love to travel. And though I have not traveled so far away from home yet, I have such the strong desire to do so.

8.) How much of you is reflected in your blog?

All of me. I think? Haha! But if what you’re asking is if everything I write is true, that is debatable. I am an avid fan of Robert Fulghum and I am a lot like him. In articles, I can end up being so positive about a certain topic, then go very much against it in the next article. That’s just me. The craziness, you bet. That’s all me.

9.) What is the main message found in your art?

I do not think much of stuff like these, to be honest. I would love for me and my readers to have our own opinions of stuff. I am a very open-minded person (maybe not so much, that my brain might fall out, though) and since I mostly write poems and opinionated articles and essays, I want my readers to converse with me in the topics I write about.

10.) Describe your blog with one word. Why this word?

This is hard. One word? I do not know if all my readers and followers would agree with me, and I do remember my friends describing it as: amazing, awesome, youthful, entertaining, diverse and stuff resembling those so I can only  just agree. But if you do insist (which I know you don’t), can I describe my blog as “MAYBE”? I know maybe is not an adjective… but I want it. So, once again, don’t judge!

11.) How long have you been blogging? Do you think of yourself as a professional?

Hmmm… I started my first blog when I was in my fourth year in high school, so uhm… 5 years? This is the first time I have taken my blogging PROFESSION seriously, though. And no, even though I referred to it as my profession, I do not consider myself a professional. I am just an average girl taking my writing skills a notch higher and taking my habit even more seriously that I wanted to.

12.) What is your ideal environment for creativity?

Somewhere where:

  • My butt won’t hurt from sitting for hours on end just pondering
  • I can slouch on the seat
  • There are many people (Preferably a place where I can see a lot of people pass by)

I usually write with music in my ears and all of the above categories fit only two places in my city: Tokyo Bubble Tea in a mall, and Chingkee Tea right in front of where I used to study at.

13.) Where do you get your inspiration from?

Any and all things. It could be from a film, a smiling kid I pass by on the street, a text from an old flame, the stars, the rain, anything really. I draw inspiration from quotes, tragedies on the news and curiosity that pops out of my head at wee hours in the night. Lately, my inspiration comes from a certain blogger’s insightful posts. I believe I still owe him a few posts. His posts have really inspired me to write about stuff I never knew I had a lot to say about.

14.) What makes your blog original, different from any other meet online?

I do not know really. Maybe because I am quirky and crazily honest about stuff? What do you think?

15.) What makes you get up in the morning?

Wow! Waking up has become a routine for as long as I can remember but honestly speaking, ever since I started this blog and had this journey with the lot of you, and getting to meet such wonderful people, starting my first post for the day and reading equally, if not even more, astounding blog posts everyday is what I always look forward to each day.

16.) What are your aspirations in life?

I have a lot! My bucket list is never ending! I will tell you my number one, for now. I WANT TO GO TO AUSTRALIA, WATCH AT THE OPERA HOUSE AND SEE KANGAROOS! And before you laugh, that is a 14-year old dream of mine. Yup. Ever since third grade. Judge away. I won’t mind.

17.) What is true success to you?

Success is a feeling only the bearer can define. This is actually a great topic to write about!

18.) What is your secret to success?

Secret to success? A lot of advices might be handed out for this. But one I can say that would truly fit me and my personality and all that I have so far experienced in life is this: THE SECRET TO ALL THOSE WHO ATTAINED THEIR OWN VERSION OF SUCCESS IS THAT THEY TOOK THE RISK. What is a victory, if you never felt the challenge, right?

19.) What is your goal for the upcoming 5 years?

In five years time, I envision myself to becoming a full-time employee in my current field for the current company I am working in (since I am still a part-time employee) and hopefully, have someone I can share my ‘ME’ time with. Would you imagine that? I’d be 25 years old then! LoL.

20.) Where do you see yourself in 10years?

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Seriously? That’s a tough one. I have a whole plan for myself but I go through not in a rush, so if fate and God and my determination wills it, in 10 years, I will be owning a bookstore café right down the street where I live. My friends and I would have travelled to at least 20 places in my country and maybe, 5 out-of-the-country escapades with my family. Of course, top of the list would be Australia. Kangaroos! Don’t you go extinct until then, okay?

21.) What is art to you?

This may be all so redundant to all of you. Art, for me, is not supposed to be beautiful but supposed to make you feel something. Art is art. Art may be any form the artist deems fit for his expression. Art is expressing three very powerful words: I AM HERE.

22.) How do you merge work with art?

I try to be me while doing it, and it eventually becomes what it is.

23.) What is your favourite colour?

Definitely blue. Any shade of blue.

24.) What is death to you?

To borrow from J.K. Rowling, “Death is but the next great adventure.” Don’t you think so?

25.) Do you believe that we only have one life or do you believe in reincarnation?

I believe I answered this one before. I do not believe in reincarnation, in a sense that I think this concept is but a metaphor most people use to show us that in “this” life, we become born and reborn in many ways and certainly more than once.

26.) What do you think is the meaning of life?

I do not, for the life of me, do not try to understand the meaning of life. If you are looking for a concrete philosophical (see what I did there?) response, come back next week and I shall give you the same answer.

27.) If you could choose to change something about this world, what would it be?

The judgments and the negativity, among others. We have lived far too long, in a world where injustice has become law that rebellion became duty for those who live radically.

28.) Could you please share with me one of your most favorite pieces from your blog and why you are most proud of this or happiest with how it came out?

In a previous answer, to ManVsLoneliness’ question similar to this one, I answered two pieces of mine, Cowards who Loved and A Fool’s Defense primarily because of the history these posts had with me and the truth behind every word written. I am proud of all my works, recently though, I wrote a reflective article, following my 20 Lies I tell Myself crusade entitled The Sixth Lie and I am very much proud of how it turned out because I realized I am not the only one who thought that pretending just be in the norm, is something we must soon eradicate and certainly not something we should all dwell in if we want to be better citizens of the world and be better people.

29.) What is your favorite room in your house and why?

These questions are VERY familiar. ManVsLoneliness? Have you hacked Idealize’s blog or something? Haha! I love the kitchen … IF and only if the kitchen is hidden from view! Since it is not, I would have to stick to my own room. I can eat there even when my parents think I am asleep. Sssshhh.. Do not tell them, okay? I would have to find a new hiding place and the only place available is the comfort room!

30.) What is easier? To love or to be loved?

To answer this, here’s a quote. We love those who cannot love us back because unrequited love is much easier to move on from than once-requited love.


Idealize, Audrey? If I am not mistaken… Thank you so much for featuring me here in your awesome, cool blog site. I would love to the same, but I am not a very patient person, I do not like waiting for answers from people and I am pretty sure the very people I will end featuring are those I have already nominated for various awards, you being among one of them. Soon… Maybe. If I reach a fair amount of followers and I soon establish a stable readership. No amount of words can describe my gratitude towards you.

The compliment resounds, and do know that it goes both ways. Gracias. Merci.

No, a hugh thanks to you for taking the time to answer my question in Idealizeblog today though you have such a busy schedule.

No, thank you once more for inviting me.

And to my ideal readers, with this we come to the end of A star in the making. Thanks for being a part of this adventure and please stay tuned to our future editions.



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