A Résumé…Part 3

For those of you who missed out my last edition, please checkout A résumé and part 2.

Hi everybody, it’s the last day of the year 2018 and a perfect day to recall all events of the year.

This year, this post will be in images.

I wrote a total of 158 posts (160 posts including this post and 31/12/2018). All these posts can be consulted on a summary…part 5 and 6 with those topping my list because of my Ideal reader’s likes illustrated below.

I collaborated with Arthuruk, a writer I met on Twitter. We wrote a poem and submitted it to The Horror Tree/Trembling With Fear mag which is an online horror magazine. They accepted it and posted it the Deadly Goliath Frog Plague. It was the first time I ever collaborated in a piece of art and getting accepted at once was such a satisfaction 😁😀

Either than that, 2018 was an ordinary year during which I met amazing people and divorced the toxic ones. Felt love, disappointment and frustration but had to move on.

I had to simply grow up.

I aimed at hitting the 10k views but I guess it’ll be for tomorrow 😉 (next year).

It is amazing to know that you are read all over the world, even if you aren’t popular. It doesn’t matter. It’s the impact you may have via your text 😊💪

A special shout out to my followers, new and old. Without you guys this would never be possible. I would have given up sooner and I would be on a downhill fall.

To the true friends I’ve made, may God be your guides and blessings showered upon you. No matter the name He has, His might stays the same. So let no religion create division.

Finally, while hoping it’ll be a year of revelations.

2019, here I come 🏄

Here’s my Facebook page And twitter.

(Featured images curtesy of Google).


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