About Idealizeblog

Who am I? Where am I from? What am I to do with my life? Where do I stand when I don’t fall within the expected social group? What do I do when I just don’t belong? Must I be like everyone else? How will I shine in this world? When will I start living my dreams? When will I stop living in disillusion? and finally “WHEN WILL I LEARN TO BE “ME?”

These and many more are the questions of “our silence” who seek acceptance and have expectations in society because it’s time to shine in your own vision.

knowledge is power with wisdom, it’s right application. Hence on this journey, we’ll explore ourselves as individuals because only a proper understanding of our individualism can make us free, full and fruitful with ourselves and others. We all have something unique, a seed of greatness in each of us and when given the opportunity, we can become great and greatly influence the lives of others..

Talking about everything and nothing at all. Bringing out the best, seeing the best and encouraging the best in everyone is the primary intention here. We want to be the voice of the voiceless, the eyes of the insightful and to hear for the deaf.feel with all the tenderness, the sobs and the cries of the heart that no eye sees nor hear but only a listening heart.

We provide content accessible and valuable to all people, regardless of their religions, political or philosophical orientation.

WE seek to IDEALIZE.

Thanks for visiting Idealizeblog and please remember to come back often…