North West chaos….(Region, Cameroon)

Evil is roaming, far from our watchful eyes.

Pecking in to sparkle up the fight.

Propaganda, war machines.

In a yard of flowers, weeds will always be seen.

Truths are distorted, lies glorified.

Nations are divided at the twinkle of an eye.

May intellect reign, not the English or French spoken.

So we can all stay proud, united,strong and definitely unbroken…


(Written on the 8th March 2018).

Gone from lawyers revendications in November 2016 based on an English-French language discrimination claims to an open civil war.

I don’t know why Africans can’t stop with this colonised mentality. English and French aren’t even our mother tongues yet we are killing ourselves for it. Like WTF!!!

Anyways, I’m just a writer. May God guide and protect us.

Africa is a continent and not a country people!!

Signée Mmme La Présidente…

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