Murder… (30 day prompt)

It was a 31st of March, at round 10pm when alerts were sent out. She hasn’t come home and it’s really unlike her not to give any sign of life. Her mother starts calling close friends who call other friends and the news spreads.

Soon, there are WhatsApp status announcing her disappearance, Facebook and Instagram posts, pleading people to stay on the lookout. Still nothing. The 2nd of April, close friends print out and distribute flyers, a missing persons report is fired and the police starts trying to locate her phone. Her phone hadn’t left a precise area for hours.

The 4th of April. She is found dead, murdered by the student that she was homeschooling. Motivated by lust and revenge. Her body, disposed of in a nearby well. The advanced state of decay of the body caused the funeral to be held the following day, Sunday 5th April at 8am.

The murderer is still in custody, the investigation is on going.


Rest in perfect peace Esther, student in M2 of UY1 murdered by a 18 year old.

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