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The Chance of a Lifetime

In life, we are always comfronted with difficult decisions to make, actions to be made without looking back with regret. Here is one of those moments. Dans la vie, nous sommes toujours confrontés à des décisions difficiles à prendre, à... Continue Reading →

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Don’t meddle with me….3

She nevers thought shed feel so much satisfaction after such cruelity. To her, Joe had lost all his human attributes. He hadn't had sympathy or pity for her when he ripped her virginity away so why should she? With a... Continue Reading →

Don’t meddle with me….2

It wasn't much about her torn clothes but her world as she had known being torn apart. Piece by piece, bit by bit. An earthquake or volcano eruption was a much better plot​ for her than this very instance where... Continue Reading →

Don’t meddle with me….1

Joe was getting to sticky and inappropriate. Stop it Joe, its not funny anymore. Nikki yelled as she tried desperately to free herself from his embrace. Joe whispered with a cruel smile on his face as he meddled,with her nipples. Lets... Continue Reading →

Lost all ampathy …2

Angie took one last glimpse at her as they closed the coffin. With all the traditional ceremonies over, they could finally place her mother in her grave. She had fought a great battle but her illness had gotten the best... Continue Reading →

Lost all ampathy…1

The dog was barking eagerly as if he had been alarmed by something. Someone seemed to be wailing in pain but it seemed to be in their neighbour's yard. Slowly Angie advanced towards the front stairs curious to find out... Continue Reading →


Volume more and more volume please. Courtney was thrilled by her new pair of breasts, they were just lovely. If it weren't illegal, she would definitely prefer to walk around topless. But laws are laws, meant to be respected. It was... Continue Reading →


Volume That's all that seems to matter these days, the larger and bigger they are, the better. But at the looks of things, something had gone wrong during the operation. It's been 9months now and Natasha still has to bandage... Continue Reading →


Pleased... Picking up his pride and ego shredded, he felt the heat of the moment fade. See you soon bae. We'll try something new next time 😉 I promise.. It didn't matter for him 'cause he just couldn't get enough of it.. Of... Continue Reading →


Pleased... As she tied him up, she could feel his body tense. Was he nervous or was it lust? She would soon find out... Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send me a Tweet

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