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Why not ask her?( <1 min read) Another wonderful post from a wonderful person 😊💐 Please don't hesitate to stop by her blog. It's great!!

Death…..Part 2

Ça donne Ă  rĂ©flĂ©chir *Les choses Ă©tranges que nous faisons en Afrique au nom de : "C'est  notre culture" *1. Nous nous soucions plus des morts que des vivants. *2. Nous dĂ©pensons plus pour enterrer une personne que nous ne... Continue Reading →

Death….Part 1

Death has its role To show us all That the land we own Is destined to slip away A mystery A truth Swift to action Such a heart breaker An omnipresent That's out to remind us That nothing is permanent... Continue Reading →

By the youth to the youth.

Read somewhere... I really wanted to wish you the youth of my country a happy international Youth day, but I wondered to which youth I should address myself to. To the youth of Limbe who has not been to school... Continue Reading →

By the Young..

   Lu quelque part. J’avais vraiment envie de vous souhaiter une bonne fĂȘte de la jeunesse, mais je me suis demandĂ© Ă  quels jeunes je devrai m’adresser. Au jeune de LimbĂ© qui n’est pas allĂ© Ă  l’école depuis trois mois... Continue Reading →


Life is full of surprises No matter how much we don't want it. It pushes one over the edge With a hug, holds on again. Images form memories Friends may fade away But always remember one thing. You should always... Continue Reading →

The Lock…Part 3

At the break of dawn  As the cock crowed It dawned on them that it was all over. As the shadows subsided, leaving way to sunshine. They knew that the time had come. Going back to real life, going back... Continue Reading →

The Lock…Part2

In the roughness laid sensuality. Their sweat merged to a new being. They moaned in unison as a new theme Exiting then re-entering. Back and forth, they swayed. To a song in their heads. Clothes laid carelessly all around As... Continue Reading →

The Lock…Part 1

He felt her breathing on his neck as she took a playful bite. He was just so turned on right now that he didn't know where to begin. Then she whispered Should we get started baby And unlocked him instantly

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