Discovering togetherness

A dangerous combination of wine and weed, left them high. In the need of some togetherness, entangled in a game of trust. Horizons seem to open up for them, rewarded by discovering her twists and turns. Clinging onto an imaginary world, climaxed by dawn . Idealize… Here’s my Facebook page And twitter. (Featured images curtesy […]

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*Look at them, all in white, ankles chained, swallowing meds all day* she snorted while staring in disgust. “‘Tis no life, I won’t be a part of this.” She outbursts then breaks into a fit of laughter. The doctor turns to Jessica and says “I’m afraid your sister lives in her own world, sits in […]

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A letter to Mankind

Dear Man, Seeing the state of things it would be plain cruel to ask you how your are? Your family? Your friends? Your race? Your planet? Yes it’s a waste of time to try and pretend everything is ok. It’s not. For how much longer will you sit around and watch what’s being done to […]

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The state of the world

Lost in the trails of the past with no vision of a possible future. Trapped in a hurricane of self destruction, nothing’s left, self torment. Trust is a ghostly adventure, chaos, a world of Warcraft. Empathy, if only we could, feelings are a thing of the past. Humanity is no more, found in the bottom […]

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The center of my heart.

The center of my heart, a concentration of passion, desire, contentment. Devotional appreciation, hopeful. Crushed by disappointed, erased by dismay. Innocence fades as one advances in age. But life is a foundation not a format in anyway. So you define your purity which lies in your identity. Pushing forward all the way… Idealize… Here’s my […]

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His hydroplaned lies left her buried in an avalanche of hate. Drowning Suffocating Intimidating Daydreaming Hoping for a change For chances are necessary Laws of attraction don’t deny A consistency in our love patterns Maybe we influence those who are attracted to us Definitely we choice our friends and how we live our lives… Idealize….. […]

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Rediscovering me

Feels like I’m walking on water, every step is for survival A dangerous game of thrones, tiptoeing all the way. A wondering soul, a freed spirit that’s left it’s cage, body boundaries. Attaining heights of spirituality, but lacking glory, fame. Knowledge may be power but useless with no wisdom. Seeking for intuition, may the Lord […]

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