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How to be a newbie on WordPress…Part 4

For those of you who missed my latest editions and would like to catch up please visit them at: How to be a newbie on wordpress, How to be a newbie on wordpress...part2 and How to be a newbie on WordPress...part3... Continue Reading →


Let us pray for our world.

Only You are Lord  Only You are King Almighty Father  Everlasting Being He was, is and always will be The Alpha and Omega To all things seen and unseen. I pray for the sight of the blind, the hearing of... Continue Reading →

Prions pour notre monde.

Toi seul est Seigneur. Toi seul est Roi. Père tout-puissant. Père  éternel. Il était, est et sera toujours. L'alpha et l'oméga À toutes choses visibles et invisibles. Je prie pour la vue des aveugles, l'audition des sourds. Pour les pleurs des... Continue Reading →

The light between the oceans.

2016 Drama, Film/Romance 2h 13mins. This is a movie based on a best seller. Tom is a World War I veteran who maintains a lighthouse off the shore of Australia with his wife Isabel, a woman desperate to have a... Continue Reading →

Make a wish

I make a wish that may never come true, To see you soon and make it through. The distance and shame of all the pain. I've felt with the years, battling demons. No more bullies just heroes, To walk on... Continue Reading →

Be mine..

Be mine and I'll tuck you in at night, say alittle prayer and be your teddy bear. Be mine and I'll kiss away you fears, love you till the end. Be mine and we'll be without a care. Naked for... Continue Reading →

Strings attached…

With strings attached to her ass with all the fun it announced under the sheets with every twists and turns.  Idealize... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send me a Tweet

Splash, Splatter, Puddle.

I was splashed by the heat of hurt, standing in my puddle of shame, splattered in my disappointment. Hopefully I will sustain. Idealize... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send me a Tweet

Overcome, overflow.

His snake surged out from the dark as he was overcome by the overflow of pleasure that could only end with a gush of delight, leaving his marks in my heart.. Idealize.... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe... Continue Reading →

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