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Listen, live, learn..3

He got married at the age of 23 but had his first child 10years later. Another got married at 30 and had his first child a year later. He obtained his diploma at the age of 25 but found a... Continue Reading →

Listen, Live, Learn…2

This morning as I opened my window in the sky, An angel saw me and asked What is your biggest wish for today? I replied, "please take care of the person reading this message And the family because he/she deserves... Continue Reading →

Listen, Live, Learn…1

One day a poor boy who was selling newspapers door-to-door inorder to pay for his studies, realised that he only had a coin of 10centimes left and he was very hungry. So he decided to ask for a meal at... Continue Reading →

Back to my roots..

I took a walk back to my roots. One Saturday, 2days ago. Felt nostalgic seeing history. Looking back at where my dad was grown. Realised the blessings that showered upon me Lacking nothing, given everything. Knowing others don't have that... Continue Reading →

An amazing day..

A day of joy A day of freedom A day of love and special encounters One more year Alleluia Looking forward for next year's samba. I decided to make this day the best birthday yet because all those before sucked alot.... Continue Reading →

How to be a newbie on WordPress.

As an has-been newbie to WordPress I know what it means to be one and be stuck there for a long time. Very long indeed. Still I know I haven't completely left that zone and will be flirting with it... Continue Reading →

Problems aren’t problems.

Problems are not bad, they are just difficult… - Life is full of lessons. Some easily learnt while others are hard to swallow but that's is life. Learn to deal with it and cope as you can 🍻 Embrace... Continue Reading →

Choices and growing up

Sun’s day Entry #2-“What do you want to be when you grow up?” - And please don't forget to check them out for yourself, introducing Eclipse, enjoy 😁✌ Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send... Continue Reading →

Dear somebody, anybody..

To My Ideal readers, Days have passed, strength regained. Hard coughs, heavy breathing. Fever, heaving headaches. Infections, loads of medications. Hospitalisation, doctors' prescriptions. Hypotension, 38°C body temperature. Bradycardia, muscle contractions. Vasoconstrictions, severe shivering. Seemed to be a hard battle, my... Continue Reading →

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