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Splash, Splatter, Puddle.

I was splashed by the heat of hurt, standing in my puddle of shame, splattered in my disappointment. Hopefully I will sustain. Idealize... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send me a Tweet


Overcome, overflow.

His snake surged out from the dark as he was overcome by the overflow of pleasure that could only end with a gush of delight, leaving his marks in my heart.. Idealize.... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Eruption of satisfaction

He was released from the tension and was on the verge of eruption. The flow came as a relief, filled with much satisfaction. Idealize.... (Pictures curtsey of Google) Let's be friends on Facebook Or maybe you'll prefer to send me... Continue Reading →

Les plaisirs de la vie

NB: deconseille au moins de 16 La sexualité est un sujet intéressant lorsque les gens cessent de penser à la partie consacrer aux rapports sexuels. La sexualité repose sur la croissance, l'apprentissage, le changement, l'attraction et la répulsion. C'est la... Continue Reading →

Female pleasure

 Warning, Adult content Sexuality is such an interesting topic when people stop thinking about the intercourse part of it all. Sexuality is based on growing up, learning, changing, attraction and repulsion. That's sexuality. While sex is the magical end point... Continue Reading →

Touching her the way you should

A guest post from a fellow blogger and friend Henry, please don't hestitate to pay him a visit at his blog. It's always nice to discover new ways of seeing and doing things. He's awesome!! HOW TO TOUCH YOUR LADY:... Continue Reading →

Being single

Being single is not a crime. It's a period of renewing you to yourself. Learn everything about you and know what is good for you. Life is no fairy tale and you'll need to learn to love yourself before you'll... Continue Reading →


After abuse, the healing process starts with recognition of the abuse, acknowledging it isn't your fault and you are better off without such toxin in your life. You deserve true happiness, not make beliefs. I was verbally and emotionally abused.... Continue Reading →


It's believed that an illustrated story is better assimilated and understood so I've taken time to add pictures from Google that tell the story better than any words I can write. ....................................................... Abuse is a state of affairs between two... Continue Reading →

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