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To my ideal readers, A few minutes ago I stumbled on a very interesting Twitter community based on a blog called Micropoetry..   It's very simply. Each day there's a word prompt from which bloggers use the limited word counts... Continue Reading →

Written river

Hey guys, it's me again. I know it might get boring but I really needed to talk about these guys too Written river Their own inspiration prompts are great too and here's my attempt to winter is here: Winter is... Continue Reading →

A 4-word letter to my ex

Good riddance my dear.... #micropoetry Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet

Love, Need…

I love you All I need is you Be the one I want Be the one I count one You see the love in my eyes? Find anyone by my side? U know you are the best Different from the... Continue Reading →

Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful Like the break of dawn  As the a storm fades away As a war is called to an end Love is beautiful Like a new born baby cries As his mother screams seem to cease At the... Continue Reading →

Successfulness The five steps to success: Give up on the short mindsets: stop thinking that everything is easy and will definitely be immediate. Take courage and patience, time will prove you right. Give up on playing small: think big at... Continue Reading →

“The virginity fraud” by Nina Dølvik Brochmann & Ellen Støkken Dahl The fact being that most women's lives and value are based on the state of their hymen, whether they bleed on the wedding night and their innocence, it's​ important to tell the truth!! This may not change anything but it... Continue Reading →

Mango juice

For those of you who missed my latest and first attempt to health tips, please check out Juice and learn more. Today, I'll be focusing on the importance of hygiene in our everyday lives and the virtues of mangoes. Juice was all... Continue Reading →

Another one!!

A huge thanks with teddy bear hugs and kisses to Just Me, we have just meet yet you've been so sweet to me and this award is another proof of your sensitivity and awesomeness 😀 God bless. Even though I've... Continue Reading →

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