Lively…(Adult content)

Legs wide open, appealing. Section 2, oral art.

Tensed, all the muscles of her body were engaged.

Gripping the bed, she moaned.

Slowly, I went about for her pleasure.

Inch by inch I went in.

Til she beats like a heart beat.

With blues and romance, my tongue goes.

These bed sheets behold this.


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(Featured images curtesy of BlogChatterA2Z).

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  1. CRD says:

    Wow! I could visualize art in motion!

    Very provocative, but that’s what art is about, right?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. If you liked this post, you’ll definitely like today’s post🤭 Thanks for stopping by and liking my post, it’s greatly appreciated.


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