30 days later, I'm still standing, may have struggled but I fought a good fight. Had a rollercoaster ride, needed acceptance. Depression and oppression are may daily occupations. Yet, I'm still standing.As long as the Lord permits, I will be the last one standing because I am the letter Z and I was born this… Continue reading ‘Z’


Youth, fun, wild.Fooling around with intimacy.Experimenting lust and crush.Hormone influenced, heady and ungrateful.But humble and kind.Yes our teenage years are the best or the worst, depending on each and every body.Idealize...Let’s be friends on FacebookOr maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet(Featured images curtesy of BlogChatterA2Z)

Roi…a letter to my king.

Dear Daniel,My heart is filled with joy at the sound of your voice.My heart skips a beat at the thought of your touch.My whips spell your name as we sway to the beat of our love.Nothing is complete without you here next to me.Lots of love.Jas.Idealize....Let’s be friends on FacebookOr maybe you’ll prefer to send… Continue reading Roi…a letter to my king.