A mixed scent of wine, sex and toys. Hollow moans and shallow groans. Panting and panties. Highs and lows. Foreplay and telltales. A memorable honeymoon indeed.Idealize...Let’s be friends on FacebookOr maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet(Featured images curtesy of BlogChatterA2Z)

Ponytail…(Adult content)

Warning: Strong language and adult content.Damn, you are fffiiinnne!!!Jasmine couldn't help but hiss.That catsuit is eye candy!! She giggled.Dan just blushed. If it wasn't for her and her crazy ideas, he wouldn't even be standing in front of her in this silly outfit.During this quarantine, they had decided to try something new everyday in all… Continue reading Ponytail…(Adult content)

Mischievous…(Adult content)

Warning: Adult content and strong language.Jasmine switched off the tap and stepped out of the shower. Dripping wet, she walked out of the bathroom into her room while she hurriedly tried to dry herself. Dropping her tower on the floor, she started to put lotion on her legs as quickly as possible but suddenly she… Continue reading Mischievous…(Adult content)

Lively…(Adult content)

Legs wide open, appealing. Section 2, oral art. Tensed, all the muscles of her body were engaged. Gripping the bed, she moaned. Slowly, I went about for her pleasure. Inch by inch I went in. Til she beats like a heart beat. With blues and romance, my tongue goes. These bed sheets behold this. Idealize...… Continue reading Lively…(Adult content)

Bells are ringing…(Adult content)

Warning: Adult content!! His perspective I rang the bell, gently but loud enough to wake her up. She was just so beautiful. A piece of art. Sleeping soundly with no care in the world. Lying on her chest with the blanket half covering her sculptured arse. She slowly turned around. Her breast gave me warm… Continue reading Bells are ringing…(Adult content)


Original post at Horse Se chevauchant pendant des heures, Il semblait ne pas pouvoir aller plus profonde. Ses fesses étaient fermes et il l'entendais fàntasmer à chaque courbe. En dépit des secousses Et les positions 69 variantes, Ses boules pesaient des tones et sa langue était submergée de plaisir Bon, chaud et transpirant, çédant aux flatteries.… Continue reading Chevalier…

Discovering togetherness

A dangerous combination of wine and weed, left them high. In the need of some togetherness, entangled in a game of trust. Horizons seem to open up for them, rewarded by discovering her twists and turns. Clinging onto an imaginary world, climaxed by dawn . Idealize... Here's my Facebook page And twitter. (Featured images curtesy… Continue reading Discovering togetherness