Murder… (30 day prompt)

It was a 31st of March, at round 10pm when alerts were sent out. She hasn't come home and it's really unlike her not to give any sign of life. Her mother starts calling close friends who call other friends and the news spreads.Soon, there are WhatsApp status announcing her disappearance, Facebook and Instagram posts,… Continue reading Murder… (30 day prompt)

Death…(30 day prompt, day 2).

Here I was sitted in the living room with my mind wondering off.I just don't get it. I can't wrap my mind around the absurdity of this situation. How could normal human beings actually believe such a thing? How could they be certain? How could they have proof of this hearsay?Me... Myself....I?? Killing my husband?… Continue reading Death…(30 day prompt, day 2).

Ponytail…(Adult content)

Warning: Strong language and adult content.Damn, you are fffiiinnne!!!Jasmine couldn't help but hiss.That catsuit is eye candy!! She giggled.Dan just blushed. If it wasn't for her and her crazy ideas, he wouldn't even be standing in front of her in this silly outfit.During this quarantine, they had decided to try something new everyday in all… Continue reading Ponytail…(Adult content)

Open doors…(Adult content).

Warning: Adult content and strong language.We're skipping the preliminaries this time and going straight to business.Dan whispered with his sexy, manly tone. That was enough toarouse her.She turned around and looked him straight into the eyesFuck you!!He pushed her onto the bed, he smirked.I said fuck you!!He "opened her door" and let himself in in… Continue reading Open doors…(Adult content).