The irony of life

A post challenged by my friend and fellow blogger Weasley, please check out her new blog My Poetic Misadventures The irony of life According to the oxford dictionary, irony is a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result. It can also… Continue reading The irony of life

The center of my heart.

The center of my heart, a concentration of passion, desire, contentment. Devotional appreciation, hopeful. Crushed by disappointed, erased by dismay. Innocence fades as one advances in age. But life is a foundation not a format in anyway. So you define your purity which lies in your identity. Pushing forward all the way... Idealize... Here's my… Continue reading The center of my heart.


His hydroplaned lies left her buried in an avalanche of hate. Drowning Suffocating Intimidating Daydreaming Hoping for a change For chances are necessary Laws of attraction don't deny A consistency in our love patterns Maybe we influence those who are attracted to us Definitely we choice our friends and how we live our lives... Idealize.....… Continue reading Forgiving


In the peak of the chaos, South Africa was drowning in its own blood. Buildings were burnt down, schools, permanently closed. Bullets filled the air. Constant confrontations. Cries of distress were everywhere. Torture. Hospitals were scenes taken straight out of a horror movie. The omnipresence of death. Man, at his worst. In God only could… Continue reading Rewind….Part1

School, hard times (L’ecole, des temps difficile)

It's half past two am, there's a ghostly silence that has taken over the street. (Il est 2h du matin, un silence de cimetière envahi la route) No souls around, just whispers carried by the wind. (Personne en vue, juste des murmures porter par le vent). Shadows sneer at me as they romance with the… Continue reading School, hard times (L’ecole, des temps difficile)

The death of a child.

Heartache, heart race, Ear-piercing shouts. Heartbreaking sobs. Overwhelming by it all, Overcome by fear. Will there ever be a tomorrow? No visibility, nowhere. The burial of a child, A parent's biggest nightmare. Watching his life being swept away, Natural or orchestrated. Hello to divinities. Access to life after life. A new beginning to another beginning.… Continue reading The death of a child.


Gratitude is not about gesture Or action of a moment It lays its foundations on an intention. An expression of satisfaction, A momentary opinion. An eye-opening encounter, An encoded message. Life's path to wisdom No thanks can measure Rhythms, paraboles, Gifts, memories. Wealthy treasures, life and her lessons. Idealize.... Let’s be friends on Facebook Or… Continue reading Gratitude


A self-sustained ego hand in gloves with A Self-sufficient vision. A self-supporting ambition alongside A self-reliant life. A self-contained opinion leads to A self-made achievement. Just a simple equation to a life of Self-contentment. Idealize.... Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet (Featured images curtesy of Google).