God…(30 day prompt)

God Almighty,In this time of fear and desperation, be our guide.Where confusion reigns, bring wisdom.Where darkness prevails, shine your light.Where conflict breakdown, be the shield.Where anger rules, bring happiness.In all, you are the one. The Creator. The Beginning and the End.May your love reign.Amen.Idealize....Let’s be friends on FacebookOr maybe you’ll prefer to send me a… Continue reading God…(30 day prompt)

Let us pray for our world.

Only You are Lord  Only You are King Almighty Father  Everlasting Being He was, is and always will be The Alpha and Omega To all things seen and unseen. I pray for the sight of the blind, the hearing of the deaf. For the orphans cries and widows' peaceful rest. Drought and starvation that take… Continue reading Let us pray for our world.

God wasn’t asleep when He created them..

God wasn't asleep when He created the architect of the female anatomy. He wasn't drunk when He outlined her curves. God wasn't bewitched when He made her attractive. He wasn't blind when He gave her long hair. That secret hole which creates intimacy. 9 months of beauty and gene transmission. Hours of labour that's the… Continue reading God wasn’t asleep when He created them..