Death…(30 day prompt, day 2).

Here I was sitted in the living room with my mind wondering off.I just don't get it. I can't wrap my mind around the absurdity of this situation. How could normal human beings actually believe such a thing? How could they be certain? How could they have proof of this hearsay?Me... Myself....I?? Killing my husband?… Continue reading Death…(30 day prompt, day 2).

Bells are ringing…(Adult content)

Warning: Adult content!! His perspective I rang the bell, gently but loud enough to wake her up. She was just so beautiful. A piece of art. Sleeping soundly with no care in the world. Lying on her chest with the blanket half covering her sculptured arse. She slowly turned around. Her breast gave me warm… Continue reading Bells are ringing…(Adult content)