By the youth to the youth.

Read somewhere… I really wanted to wish you the youth of my country a happy international Youth day, but I wondered to which youth I should address myself to. To the youth of Limbe who has not been to school for three months or to that of Douala who was first in his class? To […]

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Don’t meddle with me….3

She nevers thought she’d feel so much satisfaction after such cruelity. To her, Joe had lost all his human attributes. He hadn’t had sympathy or pity for her when he ripped her virginity away so why should she? With a bright smile that showed full satisfaction she whispered in his ears; I hope you liked […]

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Lost all ampathy …2

Angie took one last glimpse at her as they closed the coffin. With all the traditional ceremonies over, they could finally place her mother in her grave. She had fought a great battle but her illness had gotten the best of her. Now it was time for her to rest. Looking down at her coffin, […]

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In Control..2

CONTROL!! Who can trully say he has been in control of anything He sobbed giving way to his emotions. Danny gave him a hug, that’s all he found best to do. There’s never a good way of accepting rejection. She said no and broke up with me. Said I was selfish for not considering her […]

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The Impression…3

The vibrations of a telephone woke her up late that night. Without really paying attention whose phone it was, she read the text. I have the impression that your wife is taking up all your time these days. I’m feeling lonely and it’s been 2days we haven’t had a round. Come over tonight or else. […]

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The Impression..2

Impressions.. She sighed. I hope it’s just me making a mountain out of nothing!! She thought to herself as she silently observed her husband Don was quietly enjoying his breakfast when he suddenly said. I won’t be having dinner with you and the kids tonight Kate. I have a lot of work to have done […]

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My Blanket felt cold and lonely tonight. Just like most of my nights in the year. He was caught up with work again and couldn’t come over to stay awhile. She thought to herself as she managed to pull herself out of bed. How she envied other couples who could walk around and hold hands. Kiss […]

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I love you…1

What are you thinking about? He asked her after noticing her puzzled look on her face. 3 words Was all she managed to say.. Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet

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How to Retire by 20-Kristen Hadeed

Ted talks are full of encouraging messages that why I’ve decided to share them. Curiosity killed the cat🐈 but satisfaction brought it back Most of the time, we all used this expression *Curiosity kills the cat🐈* just as a warning to one not knowing when it’s necessary to mind one’s business in life. But the […]

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