A Summary….part3

For those of you that missed the previous editions, please do check out A summary and A Summary..part2 for even more post summaries. Normally I post a summary for every 60posts published on Idealizeblog but to be honest, it had slipped my mind and I have been very busy lately. Not to mention my technological […]

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A Summary

A new month with its new challenges. I am very convident of the success that it holds and the achivements it will bring. I’m crossing my fingers that I will be up to the challenges. Anyways, it has been 6-7months I have began this blogging adventure and have posted a modest amount of 60posts so […]

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I write because…

I write because of life I write because of humility I write because of its ability Allowing me to be me I write on my modesty The child that cries within The willingness of being set free The chained courage’s released The journey of discovery The souls that’s found in my stories The rythm of […]

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Took me with passion Thrills of excitement Just a glance was enough To set my adventure Her face was magical The definition of divinity A sculpture with perfect outlines A living painting The mind blowing experience A one of a kind encouter Sleeping beauty in person Shining like a million stars Upside down, inside out […]

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Who am I and Why am I here?

That’s a very good question which I would be more then honoured,delighted to answer but first I would like to precise that I prefer writing poems ’cause through them I express myself better neither do I like going on and on about myself so please bear with me if this eventually bores you out of […]

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