Open your eyes.

Open your eyes to your blessings. See the world through the eyes of the poor. Pray for wisdom from above. Angelic compassion with divine love. Open your heart to the cries of our children. Innocence in its true definition. Dodging bombs is their daily exercise. Struggling to eat rice. Open your eyes to drought and […]

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Be the kitten that hides a lion inside. Unleash yourself, set it free. Idealize.. Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet (Featured images curtesy of Google)

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Keeping her safe at home

If you missed the prevoius guest posts from my blogger friend, please check out;  Touching her the way you should…. To continue with the theme of dating and live previously stated and started in my guest post with Henry, below are other thoughts about it. To some men, women are aliens, or untamed lioness that […]

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Les plaisirs de la vie

NB: deconseille au moins de 16 La sexualitĂ© est un sujet intĂ©ressant lorsque les gens cessent de penser Ă  la partie consacrer aux rapports sexuels. La sexualitĂ© repose sur la croissance, l’apprentissage, le changement, l’attraction et la rĂ©pulsion. C’est la sexualitĂ©. Alors que le sexe est le point final magique de tout cela. Depuis longtemps, […]

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Female pleasure

 Warning, Adult content Sexuality is such an interesting topic when people stop thinking about the intercourse part of it all. Sexuality is based on growing up, learning, changing, attraction and repulsion. That’s sexuality. While sex is the magical end point of it all. For ages, sex has been a taboo topic for most of us […]

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Being single

Being single is not a crime. It’s a period of renewing you to yourself. Learn everything about you and know what is good for you. Life is no fairy tale and you’ll need to learn to love yourself before you’ll ever properly love someone else. So please be proud of who you are at every […]

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It’s believed that an illustrated story is better assimilated and understood so I’ve taken time to add pictures from Google that tell the story better than any words I can write. ………………………………………………. Abuse is a state of affairs between two people characterized by wrong or improper actions, either physical, mental or verbal. In this post, […]

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