Just a glimpse of the future, could tell one what’s worth our fuss.

Tourments, erupted peace, public debates, community’s disgust.

Just a glimpse of the present, world’s moving by the clock.

Countries are throwing bombs, mainstream media should be left in dust.

A glimpse of the years, an escalation of clauses, modifications to laws, chains go on and on.

A glimpse of the moment, human advances, emotional backwardness, money is the boss.

Just a glimpse of the past, we’ll see where it all went wrong, embrace our differences.

Decisions make us who we are.

The end of year is a moment to reflect on the good, bad and better of this year. Pray for better in the upcoming year and hold on to what’s true.

So I’m wishing you all a happy new year 2019 and a year full of achievements and positivity.

Lots of love.


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