Just a glimpse of the future, could tell one what’s worth our fuss. Tourments, erupted peace, public debates, community’s disgust. Just a glimpse of the present, world’s moving by the clock. Countries are throwing bombs, mainstream media should be left in dust. A glimpse of the years, an escalation of clauses, modifications to laws, chains […]

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A Résumé…Part 3

For those of you who missed out my last edition, please checkout A résumé and part 2. Hi everybody, it’s the last day of the year 2018 and a perfect day to recall all events of the year. This year, this post will be in images. I wrote a total of 158 posts (160 posts […]

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Vicarious by tool

A challenge from a friend and fellow blogger Arthurunk, please do check out his blog. Your interpretation of the lyrics in the song Vicarious by Tool, minimum 500 words, any style before December 31st this year. Please take a look at their official video that can be found on YouTube. Eye on the TV ‘Cause […]

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Cindy in the hall.

A ghostly wind welcomed Cindy as she stepped into the grand hall. Was the ball already over? No sight of a soul. “Hello is anyone here?” An echo was all she got in return. Until the walls started caving in, that’s when she knew the true meaning of claustrophobia Idealizeblog… Here’s my Facebook page And […]

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Shadow’s misinterpretation.

He carried her lump body into the tent. My body was tense. What’s going on?! Next was a thud as he worked his way down her spine with every sway of his hook knife. I called the police by 5, they were ready to arrest. At last we entered to find him chopping steak for […]

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In the sunrise I stood staring at the new day break, hoping everything would be ok and all fears flashed away. In the sun I lay, staring straight at her til my view blurred away, Being swayed by the ocean breeze, wishing life could be so easy. In the horizon it fades Idealize… Here’s my […]

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Duet of grace

A duet of grace as the crowd proclaims. A standing ovation, as she descends with faith. It’s them against the world, belonging Idealize… Here’s my Facebook page And twitter. (Featured images curtesy of Google).

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A writer’s ink

Andrea came up behind aiming for his jugular vein, stabbing him with all her might. She then stood there in horror as he turned around, looked at her & smiled. “Don’t you know that a writer has ink instead of blood in his veins, plus you can’t kill me in my own story. She watched […]

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Christmas mess

The last time I went out to eat with someone, I passed out in an immaculate white dress, had a bridal veil, my lipstick smeared and was looking a mess. I was wearing a wedding ring & not remembering a thing. A total blackout. I kept that ring safe til Santa came to claim what […]

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Scruples hidden deep inside

A challenge from a friend and fellow blogger Chirasreebose, please do check out her blog. A fiction story of maximum 350 words by the theme “scruples hidden deep inside” before the 25th of December 2018 Scruples (noun): a feeling of hesitation, of doubt with regard to the morality or property to the course of action. […]

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