Death….Part 1

Death has its role

To show us all

That the land we own

Is destined to slip away

A mystery

A truth

Swift to action

Such a heart breaker

An omnipresent

That’s out to remind us

That nothing is permanent

Nothing lives forever

We live for others and not for ourselves

Our talents should be out for lending a helping hand

Not taking advantage of others…


This poem is dedicated to a man that died today in front of the doors of the church during today’s service.

There was a sound of a man slipping on the first stair of the church stair case, head first he fell and died on the spot.

On the day the Catholic church commemorates Mary’s Assumption to heaven, he died in the service of God. Worshipping Him and accompanying His will. That’s honourable and admirable.

May he rest in peace and may the land of our ancestors be very light on him as he slumbers into eternal sleep.

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