By the youth to the youth.

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I really wanted to wish you the youth of my country a happy international Youth day, but I wondered to which youth I should address myself to.

To the youth of Limbe who has not been to school for three months or to that of Douala who was first in his class?

To the young Lions African champions who are the pride of the whole country, or the many others that dream of it, but can not afford their dreams?

To the 35-year-old graduate without work who is still waiting for Mom’s pocket allowance, or to the 25-year-old parachuted youth who gets the sweet flow by taunting others?

To the escorts who drink a stranger’s champagnes every day in a local night club or the many young girls who walk/work under the sun try to survive everyday?

To the young Colins Nji of Bamenda who without internet won a Google contest, or to those of Bafoussam who spend their time on the Internet watching porn because they have nothing to do?

The many moto-taxi drivers that are graduates who thought to do a temporary job, but it has become a permanent job, or to the many young expatriates who are the only hopes of their families?

To the one who will meet with death in a car or train accident because of lack of infrastructure, or to those for which the country is limited to the chic neighborhoods of the capital?

To the octogenarians without a white hair that govern us or to the thirty year olds so desperate and suffering who have to bleached their hair already?

To the one who is about to take the road of adventure in search of hope elsewhere or to the one who has already lost hope?

To those who still hope for something from the president’s speeches every year, or to those who know he will say the same things?

To those who are studying in the hope of a better future, or to those who do not expect anything from the countless job applications sent?

To the young people of Yaounde who can read me right now or those of Buea who had no internet for a long time until now?

To the one who is at risk of dying from one moment to another on a hospital bed for want of money or care, or to those who have the luxury of taking a taxi at 400 Dollars in the United States?

Yes finally I really wondered what was the meaning of the festivities of the Youth day. The celebration of a period of life, or what has been done with it? Celebrating the nation’s spearhead or celebrating lost hopes. The celebration of innumerable unfulfilled promises or the celebration of hopes soared.

What is the meaning of the youth day and what should young people celebrate?

Year after year, it is generations of youth that fly away in smoke, doing nothing of their ardor and strength, if not drinking and sticking small ones.

It should, however, be a true festival, a beautiful festival, a festival of victorious youth, conquering youth, glorious youth, proud youth, but helas!

Yes I really wanted to wish you a happy Youth day, but I do not know what to celebrate. A nation that has sacrificed its youth is a nation that has sacrificed its future.

I wish you all a happy International Youth day.

To copy is to fly, to share is to encourage!

Made 11th February 2017 and shared to the world.

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