Alittle more consideration please.

Looking at all the conflicts found in the world, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything revolves around:

  1. Sex: A love affair gone terribly wrong.
  2. Ego: One wanting things to go his way and no other way.
  3. Ambition: Selfish wants and lusts with no limit.

If we all take a very close look at wars declared and started all over the world, put mute on the journalists’ report and basically use our own brains (not letting ourselves be fooled or toyed with or convinced), I’m sure we’d all come to the conclusion that our world’s problems revolve around a general lack of consideration. An inability to stand in others shoes, place others before us and prioritise peace over ego.

People don’t seem to realise nor understand the harm they can do with simple words or insinuations, whether intended or not. Taking time to put yourself on the receiving side of everything you do could spare some people some harsh feelings and deeds. Please think about this;

How would I feel if this person said this to me or did what I’m preparing to do? What would be my natural reaction? What would be my overall emotional state?

The answers to these questions would definitely tell you what you should do at that very instant.

For example:

3 weeks ago I was upset by someone here in the blogosphere. A stranger actually, someone I’ve never met but we were following the same person.

These days, I’ve gotten “close” to some of these wonderful human beings that make up the blogosphere and I’ve gladly taken challenges from them, challenges that I wholeheartedly complete with delight and report back to the person. Just to get some feedback and tell them I’ve completed it. I find it normal, and I’ve always made it clear when the original idea isn’t mine. I take copy right very seriously!!

Anyways, as usual I got back to this blogger for feedback, which took awhile and required alot of insisting which created an awkward situation it seemed and a fellow blogger made it clear to me that it looked like I was begging for attention, was being pathetic and no-one was interested in seeing my copied version of an original idea.

I was shocked actually, took a moment for it all to sink in. I guess I should have understood that the Blogger wasn’t interested immediately but my naivety got the best of me at that moment. It had me upset and what angered me wasn’t the opinion but the use of no offense at the end of the statement.

Ok.. Please I’d like to make it clear that the use of this expression means the person could actually get offended. Also implying that you’ve taken time to realise that it could be hurtful what you are saying but you say it anyways. That is a lack of consideration!!

Sometimes in life, it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, but how people see you. So if I looked pathetic at that moment, I’d like to say sorry for being pathetic and being friendly enough to beg for attention. But I’d also like to add that I was very hurt by that statement especially from somebody who doesn’t know me at all.

I’ve had moments where those thoughts have crossed my mind but it stayed a thought because there’s no need to be harsh at times. I’m not saying I’m perfect, nobody is but I needed to write about this because I felt it’s something that should be said.

Many people create blogs these days and when asking themselves how to promote their blogs, the answer is visit a blog and leave your link. Some don’t see that as improper, they do it naively until told to actually read the post, make a comment about the post before leaving a link.

So if I could add something I’d say don’t leave a link at all because if your comment is interesting enough the person will come and visit your blog without being asked. Even when I get those *please visit my blog* comments, I do it simply because it takes nothing away from me and I would love that same be done on my behalf.

So please, for goodness sakes, if a comment isn’t pleasing to you, simply ignore it or put yourself in the person’s shoes before replying.

Hence I’m rooting for more consideration from each and everyone of us so that peace can reign and no feelings get hurt.

At the end of it all, I was only able to reply “ok” to that remark and my immediate reaction was to unfollow the Blogger on whose blog I received such an humiliation. I know I’m a grain of sand in those followings but still, I had to express my anger in one way or the other.

So, I could have published this the same day, but it would have been more aggressive than necessary and that would have thrown a shadow on the real purpose of this post therefore I preferred to let my negative emotions subside.

That’s how things should be taken i.e with ease and consideration.

That’s all I had to say.

Thank you for reading…

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2 thoughts on “Alittle more consideration please.

    1. Thanks, so you can only imagine how hurt I was after that episode, felt like even giving up blogging but hey, man is judged by his ability to adapt in the face of adversity. So I’m still standing ๐Ÿ˜ Thanks for stopping by, reading and leaving your comments, it’s much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜˜

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