Gifted is a movie starring Chris Evans, more popularly known for his role as “Captain America”

A movie about the challenges children will extraordinary talents or abilities have while growing.

Some of us would think that society and the ruthlessness of their peers would be the problem, but no actually their parents have always been the problem.

Most parents have the tendancy to reflect their lost and unachieved dreams, selfish and self-centred ambitions on their children while being tyrants and placing unreasonable restrictions in the name of “bringing them up” and “knowing what’s best for them”.

This movie tackles this issue with delicacy while also emphasising on the roles parents play in letting their children be kids and have a childhood…

Noone knows what is best for you than yourself, parents are just guides!!


Would you prefer a successful, insensitive sociopath or a unsuccessful human being? Food for thought right there!!

(Photos courtesy of Google)

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