Love, Need…

I love you

All I need is you

Be the one I want

Be the one I count one

You see the love in my eyes?

Find anyone by my side?

U know you are the best

Different from the rest

U could careless

But baby don’t be heartless

You lighten my world

Let your love create a flood

Baby if am cold

I know I know you will be bold

Holding me tight

Not only at night

I love the pressure

I want the pleasure

My incomparable lover

I have not found any other better

Through my fits, you can fix

In my dark, you make me shine.

My heart’s content, it’s desire and hero.

With you my healing is not a thing of tomorrow.

By Sanni Fareedat – My Friend’s Friend

(To My Friend’s Friend, may the Lord almighty grant you healing 🙏)

Images courtesy of Google.

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