Mango juice

For those of you who missed my latest and first attempt to health tips, please check out Juice and learn more.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the importance of hygiene in our everyday lives and the virtues of mangoes.

Juice was all about the perfect 100% natural cocktail one can make out of randomly mixing fruits. Fruits you may have in your backyard​ like it is my case except for the watermelons that were brought in our local market.

So check it out……

Now, here’s the machine that made it all possible, a bladder in this case would call for much sieving whereas this machine instantly separates the solid from the liquid state.

5stars to it 👍👌

These are the mangoes I washed, sorted and neatly sliced into pieces the machine can grind. This amount is from about 20 mangoes.

Pressing the on and off button below, the machine did its work.

For starters, I washed 2 plastic bottles of 1L each to collect the extracted juice in but later realised that a third was needed.

Because mango juice in its pure state is very consistent and heavy, take it from me you can barely swallow 2sips of it without having enough, it’s better to dilute it abit. Not too much so much so that it doesn’t loose it’s natural sweetness.

1/4 dilution is enough.

How is this done?

It’s​ simple. Collect the solid state and mix with a small quantity of water.

Sieve the mixture and collect the extracted juice.

In a 2L bottle, subsequently mix the natural extracted juice by: filling the bottle 3/4 with the pure natural mango juice and then adding the sieved juice the rest of the way (1/4). It is then shaken till homogeneity.

Distribute your juice in clean bottles for conservation.

Since no conservatives are added to keep it fresh and proper for consumption, place the bottles in the freezer and remove one by one for immediate consumption.

That’s it 😄

Mangoe, its virtues.

Mangoes are rich in nutritional value. One cup (225 grams) of mango contains – (Healthsecretsac.)

  • 105 calories
  • 76 percent vitamin C
  • 25 percent vitamin A
  • 11 percent vitamin B
  • 9 percent probiotic fibre
  • 9 percent copper
  • 7 percent potassium
  • 4 percent magnesium


So mangoes are very important.

Health tips.

From here on, it is important for all my ideal readers to know that they are the host, carriers of millions if not billions of microorganisms, beneficial and harmful at once. Not just in your body but on your skin, so it’s very important to wear gloves when dealing with anything that can be eaten, especially things that will be consumed.

So my health tips are:

  1. Wear gloves when dealing with food especially fruits because their composition makes them more likely to microbial action. The type of gloves worn in food industries or by nurses.
  2. Always wash your hands thoughly​ before, during and after the process. Yes even with the gloves on.
  3. Avoid speaking when you are dealing with food and fruits. You can’t imagine what your spit carries nor the air you breath in.
  4. Keep the pot closed as much as possible, avoiding to open it carelessly.
  5. Once an item smells bad, throw it away. Please don’t tempt that devil.

With this we’ve come to the end of my health tips post with today’s focus being mangoes.

Thanks for reading.

Please tell me what you thought about it.

Have a great day.

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