The Mystery Post- Comes back

Original Idea from Just me who suggested that I should give it a try.


Here you may see the first post with all your comments and this is the post in response to them.


❦ ATTENTION Cronies One and ALL! ❦



The wisdom of the ages locked away in these books,

get wise to what’s know, what’s written.

Only the wise can hear

from the bottom of one’s heart

to the whispers of the souls

that were forgotten.


Cool! Good luck with it!

An echo of the inner subconscious.

Refusing to acknowledge that

with time we grow and

gradually we are obliterated.

Held back by our own weaknesses to deeds untold,

holding on to an image and of all that’s unknown.

A nomination of mystery,

suspicion arising.

A heavy burden


Artists are acknowledged by their journeys

through life,

with death comes recognition.

For the changes brought upon this world

enlightening perishing souls.

History has told and will continue to tell

of the glory in this poem….

written by M.A.B.D.O

NB: I was only able to collect 4 comments and gave it some time because I hoped to get more comments but helas I wasn’t very lucky. Anyways, here’s the final result from all your comments and I thank all those who were willing to participate. All your comments are in grey and the rest is my poem.

Please feel freee to leave a comment.

Thanks to all those who participated.

Teddy bear hugs and kisses…

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