How to be a newbie on WordPress..part3

For those of you who missed out on the previous editions How to be a newbie on wordpress.. and How to be a newbie on wordpress..part2.

In the previous editions, I highly emphasized on the importance to do research and use YouTube for any given information that you may need. I also mentioned the WordPress courses offered for beginners, to explore the world of inspiration and meet other bloggers through daily prompts.

Today I would like to talk about becoming social.

What do I mean by that?

  1. Well making yourself known, talked about and interviewed. The more you interact with fellow bloggers, the better.
  2. Guest posting: Collaborating is always a fun process, it makes you get more familiar and develope true bonds with those other bloggers with whom you share the same hobby.
  3. Be interactive: Write posts that asks for the collaboration of other bloggers, their oppinions and points of view.
  4. Be honest: write posts in response to another bloggers post that was intriguing and invite him/her over so he/she can also get to know your oppinion on the topic.
  5. Finally always be friendly, welcoming and honest.


With that said, I hope I could be of help. Please do feel free to leave a thought on your way out.

Thanks for reading 😘😁

Good luck with everything.

Take care…

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