The Shack

This is the look of HOPE.


Hope, Love and Forgiven.

This is a movie you’ll never regret watching, especially once you put aside the “blasphemy” and “Trinity” representations which is unacceptable for most religions. Those who believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

A revelation….

Watching this movie taught me what forgiveness is all about.

Forgiveness is about saying it and letting the issue go gradually, not letting it weigh on your heart but also not really keeping the person at heart. Also deep down knowing that God is;


All it takes is that you proclaim your forgiveness to your offender with your mouth. But also acknowledge that you don’t owe anyone anything.

We have all been through moments when we doubted His love and omnipresence. But one thing that has always been true is:


I forgiveness you, I don’t owe you anything and you haven’t earned my forgiveness but I forgive you.

This is a good exercise and it takes lots of practice but it will gradually become true.

It is very hard to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. But this is an attitude we can all learn and adopted.

FORGIVE – FORGIVEN which is not really synonymous to forgetting.

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