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July 2017

Gifted.. Gifted is a movie starring Chris Evans, more popularly known for his role as "Captain America" A movie about the challenges children will extraordinary talents or abilities have while growing. Some of us would think that society and the... Continue Reading →


Linkin Park’s tragedy

This is my favorite!!! We never know when death will take us or how to overcome it, we just know that we'll get through it at the end of the day. A little something about then and him Linkin Park... Continue Reading →


They tied the blind folded thieves that were about to be executed. Then I was signaled to come and pray for them before the firing squad would execute them. I walked to the first man and said “in your final... Continue Reading →

Animals are feeling beings too…part1

Animals are feeling beings too and I'd like to demonstrate this today. As human beings we are all entitled to experiencing love, joy, sorrow, hatred, pain, sympathy, agony, shame, grief and many more. According to the Bible, man was created... Continue Reading →

Where does one’s love for animals come from?

Ever wonder when, why and how people come to loving animals? The original of it all. I have and I've come to think it can be caused by so many things but one of those causes is *genes*. The love... Continue Reading →

Soprano-le diable ne s’habille plus en prada

musique [Couplet 1] Monsieur, avant ma chute j'étais vraiment riche et heureux J'étais le plus grand conseiller des hommes même en haut-lieu On faisait appel à mes services pour prendre aux malheureux Monsieur tout le monde signait avec moi en... Continue Reading →

It is not falling

Its never falling. - Love, grace, wonder A piece to Definitely read, please show some love and visit him😄 Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet

The depth of love

ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE?  A good relationship isn't a game you play or an ego trip you take. It is about love and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know and it... Continue Reading →

Before smiling lips

Before smiling lips. In a loving embrace. They share a kiss Forever a bliss written by Idealize #WrittenRiver Let’s be friends on Facebook Or maybe you’ll prefer to send me a Tweet

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