Sometimes a woman just had to do what a woman had to do especially when it came to making sure her family survives and everything works out fine for them.


Every month.

Every year.

Is it really such a wrong thing to date her boss then?


The word rang in her head like a church bell on Sunday. Stephen was her boss, that’s true but he could take care of her, something Dan had run short of these days.

With her salary raise, she could finally finish their children’s school fees and their insurance. Get their bills paid on time and stop the monthly loans Dan would get to keep their household running.

Stephen wasn’t greedy, he only asked a night every week though what he asked for behind those closed hotel room doors was another story.

He wasn’t at all gentle with her at those moments but was that really a reason to stop it all? After all there were advantages too.

Poor Dan. He’s so naïve. Believing every lie.

She laughed bitter.

What has my life turned into?

She sobbed. The text from Stephen reminded her of what was next and she sobbed even more while getting ready for their date. He hated waiting for her and had made it clear to her in many ways….

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