*_Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does._*

— _William James_

Pull your mind away from thoughts of yourself. There is a whole universe out there to consider and experience.

Ego confines your thinking. Love, gratitude and generosity expand your awareness and multiply the possibilities.

When it’s all about you, the options are few. Raise yourself into the limitless realm outside your narrow self-concern.

Inside the walls of your own ego, problems seem to have no solution, and opportunities lack a path to fulfillment.

Break free, be free, and operate from a powerful perspective where fears dissolve and abundance intensifies.

As beautiful and unique as you are, living only within your own perspective is lonely and limiting.

Extend your focus, widen your horizons, experience joy and wonder you never could have known on your own.

It is simple to let go of your ego. And amazing what that simple step will do.

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