I lift you up
And held you high.
You let me down
And helped me fall.

A thought of a day
A wish for two.
The bond of a night
The birth of new life.

Who is a real woman?
That’s a good question.
Let us not stay on
Preconceived opinions.

A woman is strong,
Is wise,
Is all.
A loyal creature.
The foundation of all.

So why not treasure her,
Listen and see.
She’s the best part of you
That you can ever

written by M.A.B.D.O

Happy Mother’s Day to all those strong Females out there especially to the world’s Number1 mother, Ma Tres Chere Maman. I love you loads 😀

Full of truth and wisdom. 💐🌹💮🌸🌺🌻🌷

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