Applying for a scholarship towards Asia..

Unprivileged or not, is that the real question?

If one could choose his home, would that choice be easily questioned?

Our parents conceived us but destiny has made us.

Our Background is a detail, let that not forsake us.

Because the truth lies deep within us and may it soon recognise us.

For it’s all about acknowledging us and seeking a brighter future for us.

Taking the train till the end of that journey.

Facing the world with all of its challenges.

A lack of infrastructure to enlighten my talents.

Going out in search of a future and being part of the building process.

Because I may not be the best in my domain but I’m the best you’ll ever get.

I’m out to learn, strive to greater accomplishments.

History told achievements.

Understand all that’s beneath us.

The visible and the invisible.

Being extraordinarily myself.


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