Young Phoenix award

To my ideal readers,

I’m proud to announce to you all my very first bloggers’ award. My own creation, something I’ve taken time to think through intensively.

The Phoenix award

In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a longlived bird that cyclically regenerated or was reborn.

Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. According to some sources, the phoenix dies in a show of flames and combustion, although there are other sources that claim that the legendary bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again.

This is the impression of regeneration I get after reading posts from other bloggers out there. Some people have that ability to give back a stolen smile and mend a broken heart through their art. This is exactly what I would like to recognise and award today.

Those Inspirers, lovers, menders, life-giving and reviving bloggers.

Those who enable others to be Phoenix. Reborn from any situation that killed them but were helped to get through by you.

The rules

  1. In the hope of preserving the authenticity of this award, only one blogger is to be awarded by the recipient who forwards it to his/her next Phoenix. (Let’s keep this chain moving while rewarding the best please).
  2. Awarding is done by presenting the blogger and post extract considered as a Phoenix via a post with a link to the phoenix post. Explain why this post is your Phoenix. Notify the lucky blogger.
  3. 5 random questions can be asked to the awardee.
  4. Please remember to appreciate the award and the blogger who thought of you for this award.
  5. Display your award for all to see and be proud to call yourself a phoenix.
  6. Mention the creator of the award and please don’t let the chain die out.


It wasn’t at all easy to choose 1 post out of the thousands I’ve read already because many have struck me as phoenix, so I’ve decided to start the chain with 11 incredible bloggers, listed in no particular order.

(PS: No offense intended to anyone and I’d like to say we are all winners, one way or the other).

  • Arranged……..Riya smiled again;” We had started planning my kidnap a few months ago; I knew how to make my husband abandon me and my best friend helped me in this.” She placed her hand on Raju’s shoulder and added,” Thank you Raju! you are a good man. And always remember as long as you have a rich heart, you are not poor. Bye!” Riya left….by Sree at
The Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award
  • I Don’t Need You, anymore……You would think, that after everything that’s happened your pattern of behavior would change. One would think that your choices would become smarter, wiser. Maybe you would sit and think about all you have done to me and for a moment, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t have my sympathy anymore. You did, up until Monday. Up until the moment I walked into my new home, that I paid for with no help from anyone, no help from you. It didn’t dawn on me right away, but as the mover was building my new furniture (again, that I purchased without yours or anyone’s help), I realized something I should have realized a long time ago. I do not need you. For anything. I don’t need your love and affection because you forgot how to love me a long time ago. Over the years I’ve learned to live without it. I don’t need your love. I don’t need your money since I obviously figured out a way to get through my financial struggles without you. I don’t need your money. I’ve gotten along fine the past few months, without a dime from child support. You haven’t given me a penny in a very long time and guess what, that’s fine. I can not force you to support our kids, nor do I want to. If you can’t step up to the plate I will. I don’t need your approval, for anything… ever. I don’t need you to like me. I don’t need your well wishes and I definitely do not need your sympathy….by Passionately Me
The Phoenix Award
  • Never Give Up!.…….You get what you work for, not what you wish for...There will be obstacles, there will be doubters , there will be mistakes. But always remember with hard work there are no limits, what he totally believed…its hard to beat a person that never gives up… Success isn’t given, its earned……by Sudershana at
The Phoenix Award
  • Break Up With Him……I stayed in a relationship that wasn’t meant to be far too long. Deep down I think I somehow knew it wasn’t going to end well — or rather, if we did end up together that we would have a long, rough road ahead of us…After the smoke cleared I realized that although any relationship will have trials, every single decision doesn’t have to be difficult…Here are a few behaviors that are major red flags in a relationship:…By Krista at
The Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award
  • Easy to say.…..Easy for them to say. They don’t know what you live through every single day. To fight and not heed their words…Easy for them to say. They don’t know the story behind the curtains.  To just smile and pray that it will go away….. by M.Gin at
The Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award
  • Shouldn’t We Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day Together ??……As a mother, she  do multitasking, from giving birth to nurturing ; As a  sister ,she  fight and care for her brother, from  school to studying, career to marrying ; As a wife ,she becomes sort of another mother, from cooking to washing, from loving to guiding, from office to accounting ; As a daughter, she can do all when  required, from business handling to car driving, from medication to home buying ; As a friend she becomes a pillow , from consoling to encouraging… Payal at
The Phoenix Award
  • Jap……Every day has a chance to be the best day of my life.  Every moment is a chance to be a better version of myself.  Every second is a chance to make the world a better place……
  • Choose Your Poison…..Pick your poison…Choose it. they whisper so subtly that you hardly hear, until you try to disobey them. Then, can you hear anything else at all?…at
The Phoenix Award
  • Enough……..Many of us–let’s say the majority of us–struggle so much with understanding our self-worth and viewing ourselves the way He views us–as prized possessions that are invaluable. I reflected on this topic and realized that even with the utmost level of confidence, I too am guilty of failing to love myself how He loves me and believing that just by simply being me, I am enough… finally beginning to see that while all of these extras are nice, Joe, just Joe, in all of my glory, is enough! It’s enough that I tried my best and received the grade that I deserved. It’s enough that I make all efforts but have slip-ups every so often….by Joezette at
The Phoenix Award

daily-prompt-vigor……Many a time people talk a lot about physical strength but its the mental strength that can be a reason to finish an extremely tough , critical , Himalayan task . don’t you agree?..See Nick Vujicic. learn from his life . he is a man with no limbs no arms . yet so powerful and has been a wonderful motivational speaker now…he was an easy target for bullies . now he believed in his own vigor . he says never let bullies define who you are as a person . that’s your weakness. you should define yourself and no bully would get the power to weaken youBelieve you are here to do something tremendous , spectacular . believe you got most amazing thing in life. A beautiful body and a beautiful heart…..By Supreet


The Phoenix Award
  • Mind over matter…..“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-Paulo Coelho; The Alchemist…….Positive and negative vibes can actually be sensed. Whatever you choose to send out into universe is exactly what you get in return. You are what you believe….By Iamthatgirl23 from
The Phoenix Award
The Phoenix Award

NB: Each lucky winner can choose any logo to go ahead and continue the chain. Here are some more to choose from.

So, I would like to congradulate all the awardees and encourage them to spread the love.

Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to leave your thoughts on your way out.

Your sincerely.

Here’s my Facebook page and twitter.

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47 thoughts on “Young Phoenix award”

    1. Congratulations for your award dear 💐 You definitely deserve, there are so many other posts I could have mentioned especially recent posts but I put this up long ago so…. Well done 👏

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 I’m very happy you liked it, and correction, it’s not a nomination, it’s an award. You’ve earned and won it👏 Please don’t be fooled by the 12other awardees. I did that so I can have a large range of Phoenix chains that’s all. So know that you are a winner. Period.😇😉
      You are very welcome dear 😄😁

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks so much for creating this award, Idealize. 🙂 I’m going to get the post done and then come back to do the pingback to here, as well as Prayal’s blog that nominated me.
    Thank you again. It’s wonderful to connect with people in the world who see beyond the surface. 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One year and an award, that’s nice, awesome even. Congratulations dear, you are amazing with an amazing blog. Though you’ve neglected it lately 🙈🙊😘😘😘💐


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