Presenting Sree- A Star in the making..

Lately, grace has befallen on me more than usual. I’m happy and relaxed and sure of the future. This is the same feeling I have for my next participant in this edition of*A Star in the making*

I’ve had the honour and privilege to have interacted and followed her. She’s talented, a great artist and an author with a bright future ahead. She’s someone I have profound respect and love for.


Here she is Sree from

Today, she has honoured me greatly by accepting to answer my questions and satisfy my urge to get to know her. Opening up to me and letting us all be able to read her like a book.

I hope it’s as great to read as it was interviewing.

So, let’s start with the first question, shall we?! 😊😄

  1. Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

I’m a simple girl who loves to dream. Yes, that’s what I call myself – a dreamer. The stories you read on my blog are nothing but pieces of my dream. Not long ago, I dreamt of becoming a writer and from that day onwards, I just never took a break from writing because I didn’t feel like I needed one.

  1. Being a young…in the field of…can you briefly tell us what it is all about?(CAREER)

I don’t really know what I should put in those blanks/dots. I’m an engineer by profession, but I believe my job is to write down my thoughts, my dreams and help them reach as many people as possible. My reward is not the ratings I get from my manager at work, but the love my stories get from the readers. So, you can say writing stories is my job and writing codes is my profession.

  1. What have been your motivations in this domain?

My motivation has been the love and appreciation I get from my readers/followers. Had they not given my stories a read, I would have never posted more. I believe that it’s my duty or job to gift them with a story every day and their love is what I get in return.

  1. What have been your motivation in writing?

Same as previous one. The followers/readers.

  1. How have your parents influenced your choice of career?

My parents have always been by my side. They have always encouraged me to do what I really wanted. They, especially my father would be really happy to see my stories gather all the attention and love from all of you.

  1. Does this choice have anything to do with your childhood and familial background?

No. it has nothing to do with my familial background. Nobody ever pursued a career in writing, but my father, like me loves to read and I believe every reader has a writer buried deep inside.

  1. What is your hidden talent?

My intuition. I strongly believe in this. I always follow my instincts.

  1. Has there ever been a turning point in your life that shone a light on this precious gift/talent?

Ummm…not a turning point. However, there have been many incidents in the past when I was confused as to what I should do and whom I should support. My intuition always showed me the right path. I consult that inner voice every time I am afraid to do something new or walk a new path. It’s my honest friend.

  1. What made you create your blog?

I am a new blogger; it’s been just a month since I signed up here in WordPress. A year back, I discovered the writer inside of me and I started writing my first story. A few months later, I realized that many ideas and stories were popping into my head every now and then; initially I thought I had better suppress them until I finished my story, but those ideas were as stubborn as I was. They just wouldn’t shut up. Hence, I gave up and started looking for a platform where I would find readers who would value my thoughts/ideas/stories. And here I am today…writing your interview answers. J

  1. How much of you is reflected in your blog?

A vague idea of me. I don’t want my readers to ever know me compltely as I believe in the saying – the less you know about something the more you want to know about it…

  1. What is the main message found in your art?

Keep dreaming. Your dreams have all the answers you keep seeking when you are afraid to dream.

  1. What is you secret to success?

I don’t think I’m successful yet, or if I would ever call myself that because I fear when I would start believing that I’m successful, I would lose the urge to improve yourself.

  1. Who do your greatest appreciations go out to?

All the fellow bloggers who keep writing every day and inspire me with their thoughts and beliefs. I read their posts first thing in the morning and learn from them. They are my teachers and guide when it comes to writing.

  1. What are your aspirations in life?

I aspire to keep writing as long as I’m alive.

  1. What is your ideal environment for creativity?

Where only silence listens to my thoughts and me.

  1. Where do you get inspiration for all your wonderful creations?

People around me, their conversation, their silence, their sad or happy face; Bloggers, their writings; my readers, their expectations from me.

  1. What do you think about plagiarism?

I don’t understand why someone would do that; you can take inspiration from other’s work, but there’s no fun in copying. Original is way more beautiful.

  1. What is art to you?

It’s what you can’t tell; it’s something you can’t touch; it’ something you can only feel. Art is the love of my life.

  1. How do you merge work with art?

My mind helps me with this. It keeps supplying me with good ideas and stories even when I’m in a conference call or a meeting. J

  1. How do you merge your private life and professional life?

I try not to merge them, but we all know that somehow they get merged. I’m not quite happy about that though.

  1. If you had to describe the world in which we all live in by one word, which word would that be.


  1. Why this given word?

Because it’s strong as hope; it goes through a lot every moment, every hour and every day but it still stays strong.

  1. What can we all await from your blog in the near future?

Some twisted tales.

  1. Can you please briefly tell us your views on love and life?

Love is beyond life.

  1. In conclusion, what should we all retain from this interview?

Chirasree is a simple girl who keeps dreaming and writing stories and expects nothing but love and appreciation from her readers. Thanks for all the love you gave to my posts.

Wow, isn’t she just a great inspiration. Thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions Sree, you are a darling 😊

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Don’t forget to show her some love, you won’t regret it, believe me 😉

Stay tuned for more editions😁

Leave your thoughts on your way out and remember, stay cool

Happy Easter 😀🐣


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