Lesson learnt

My second year in university and an experience I can never forget….


Have you ever had the impression not to be in control of your deeds or thoughts, to be under the influence of an external force pulling you in a direction you would never normally go. Actions you account for yet you aren’t responsable for doing. But all you know is your strength and will power is drained from you, you aren’t able to use your brain correctly, your body doesn’t respond, just being telecommanded and respecting what you are told to do with rigour.

Monday 25th April,2016– A day of mysterious phenomenon… Witness or victim???


Being in university and wanting to succeed demands alot of effort. This constant concentration eventually leaves you drained and exhausted so much so that all you long for is your bed at night.

For the first time in weeks, the desire of a warm bed was stronger than the longing for success pushing me to go home straight after my classes. But nature decided to delay me abit when it started to drizzle.

While waiting for the rain to stop, I strolled around campus till 4pm then started my long journey home.


Why a long journey? Because I installed a routine of a walk of about 2.5km of the 5km that separates my school from home. For about 3months I underwent this walk for my health and other obvious reasons. But that day things went otherwise.

Reaching my walking distance, I was stopped by a man who claimed he was lost and seeking for help. He was looking for a woman that he claimed lived in the area. I clearly told him I didn’t know her because I didn’t live in the area but further off. He insisted and claimed he was Nigerian and coming from far- Lagos.

When he’s partner in crime arrived, I started my long journey through brainwashing, from around 4pm to 9pm and almost spent my first ever night in jail.


My naivety, caring and God fearing nature cost me alot that day. All of a sudden I realised that people just might be badly intentioned. People are out to take advantage of us and the dangers of having routines.

Routines that are spotted by the wrong people can cost your life. It creates a crack in your safety that someone is always ready to take advantage of. Money and power have rendered this world dangerous and it’s up to us to protect ourselves.

With all this said there stays an important decision to make: Are you going to be a witness or a victim? 

I’ve decided that I’ll never be the victim of anyone, no matter the circumstances, the events or its consequences. Hence I write this as a witness, to testify the existence and abilities of brainwashing. Mental fatigue is the crack they need to invade you like a virus in a pc.


My heart still aches as I write this today but it’s a life experience and definitely a lesson learnt.

I pray you all stay safe and close those evident cracks in your lives.

God bless….


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