How to be a newbie on WordPress…part2

Here I am back with another set of advice for all those newbies on WordPress out there.

I know how difficult and frustration being a newcomer is anywhere one may go or be. It’s by grace and a true blessing if anyone volunteers to help you out in those first days of solitude.

So here we go for some more advice 😊

  1. Research It may seem like I’m just being really silly about it all but research is the only true way out of a sticky situation.Striving to know things by one’s self is the only true way out. Don’t let anyone do it for you. Get it done!!
  2. Know how to analyze your blog’s statistics. To measure your progress and journey through the blogosphere. Analyse your views and identify your audience while identifying their preference and artistic genre through the analysis of their likes of your posts.
  3. Set goals for yourself. Avoid doing things with no insight, not knowing where you are heading to. Daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals help to pave your way, direct your steps and smoothen your path. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you blog for fun, a goalΒ is directlyΒ proportionalΒ toΒ success. Please stay realistic when setting these goals but don’t underestimate yourself either. Your statistics can give you a clear picture of what you can achieve and set as a goal.
  4. Reblogging a post. This is important because you never know who might be Reblogging your post in the future. WordPress has the reblog button incorporated in every post, so simple click on the button πŸ˜‰
    1. Your contact form. This is as important as your about page(s). It helps you interact with others and create good relationships with fellow Bloggers. You can add this form on a page dedicated for that or on a post. Just open the new page/post and click on (+) then @ found on your typing options and complete any information you would like on your contact form and that’s it. It’s that simple 😁😊

With that said, I hope I could be of help. Please do feel free to leave a thought on your way out.

Thanks for reading 😘😁

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29 thoughts on “How to be a newbie on WordPress…part2

      1. Hey I’m back and did some research on your facebook connecting issue. Well here’s what you should do:
        -After creating your facebook page.
        -Open your wordpress dashboard and look for the SHARING icon on your “my sites dashbord”. Click on it.
        -You’ll see a list of social media that you can connect your blog too and choose facebook. Click on “CONNECT”
        -It’ll ask you to login to facebook than will showing you your personal account and the page you created.
        -Select the page and it’ll automatically connect to the page. From hence onwards, your posts will be automatically published onto your Facebook page.
        I hope I was of great help and let me knoiw when it is done so I can like the page.
        Take care πŸ˜€

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