You are forgiven…
For all the times you put me down and made me feel small.


You are forgiven…
For all the times you treated me more like a child then the life partner I was to be for you.


You are forgiven…
For the times I felt like a sin and God was punishing me for that.


You are forgiven…
For always giving me bad intentions and making me the one to blame for everything.


You are forgiven…
For punishing me for all the wrong your exs did.


You are forgiven…
For trying to change me and never truly accepting me, and who I am.


You are forgiven…
For never truly being sorry and your sky-high ego.


You are forgiven…
For imposing things on me and never taking my feelings and convictions into consideration.


You are forgiven…
For being a beast when I needed a prince.

I needed to express my gratitude for your support, love and friendship.
For helping me grow and learn to forgive.
For being my best friend every other day.
For being a keen listner and problem solver.

I must admit that I loved you. And I’ve still longed for you. I only needed you to love me same, truly apologise and ask me back. That’s the only proof that I needed. I needed to feel unique, not just another girl you wanted to marry.
I would have been your happiness indeed. I would have been yours and nobody else’s.
I think you’ll regret this decision in your life and this isn’t me giving myself importance.

But the best prove of love is to let someone go at times.
Especially if my heart is bleeding not loving.
I’ve learnt to heal and seek no appreciation/approbation from anyone.
I love myself and that’s all that counts.

I forgive you now and life must go on. Take care of yourself and God bless you……


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8 thoughts on “Forgiven

    1. Thank you so much, it’s too much to be so open but once I wrote it, I realised that indeed I have let things go and have trully moved on. That’s the wonders of life.
      Thanks for commenting 😄

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  1. Throughout the post I was feeling my guts screaming “No no noo…how could you forgive someone who’s hurt you so deep” but then again.. if you babe…you’ve got a heart of gold!

    “You are forgiven…
    For being a beast when I needed a prince” that was the most powerful of all! 👌

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    1. 😄 You just made my day.
      You know sometimes the resentment is a bigger burden to bare. I spent months bearing it but realised that if I didn’t let go and move on, I was giving him power and importance he didn’t visibly deserve + he moved on fairly peaceful and well do why should I be holding on to “that”.
      Sometimes it takes a poem to realise that you’ve truly moved on so writing it I left him and those memories behind me.
      I’m surrounded by people who give me so much support, like you and every other blogger I’ve gotten to know here on WordPress. Others who’d love me and treasure me just as I deserve, but holding on to that resentment, blinds me from seeing.
      So yes I’ve forgiven him, no use to holding on to something that wasn’t meant to be. It’s a lesson learnt, I’ll start seeing the signs earlier now and put an end to it. Funny thing is that my bells rang so long but I gave him time to change, I made things as clear as I could, and I just loved him. I broke up as a test of his love but turns out I should have turned that page a long time ago. Life goes on, time to look at the future and not the past.
      What’s done is done, now what’s next?😉😊
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I trully appreciate it 😁😘

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      1. Wow this was like a life lesson in one comment.. I haven’t really forgiven the people that hurt me but I write about it .. and putting my feelings out in poetry is sort of a step towards forgiveness as I’ve let down the burden!

        I’m really glad you’ve walked out of this relationship that was too low for a juicy princess like you! 😄

        Much love sweetheart! xoxo 😘✌

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      2. 🙈😄 awww thank you 🙈 I don’t know what else to say 🙈 I’ve just blushed over and over again.
        But please do let go, for your mental and physical health. Learn to have a detached relationship with people, know that they’ll hurt and that’s ok cause they are only human 💐 Love your friends and pray for your enemies, you’ll see that life becomes easier.
        I’d strongly advise you that, you’ll see. But certainly be choosy of those who are close to you, but treat everyone like you’d like to be treated.
        Take care of yourself cause noone else can do it better than you. Love yourself and others will adore you.
        Thanks for commenting 😄😁
        Loads of love and hugs to you too 😊💐😘😘

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