April schedule

I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge this April. For those of you who haven’t  heard about this challenge, it requires you to publish posts all through April (except on Sundays) in such way that the title begins with the corresponding letter of the alphabet of that corresponding day. See the month schedule below for a clearer picture of the challenge 😁


I think it’s fun to challenge oneself to new activities that require to write 26posts, schedule them in less than a week.

I achieved this and I find that great. I saw this challenge on a fellow Blogger’s post in Blogger’s Meeting Up by A-to-Z Challenge and took up the challenge.

2017 Badge

I took the liberties to skip the rules abit i.e I’ll be posting everyday including Sundays till the 26th.

Letter dates rev

I call on all my Ideal readers out there to stay tuned and please feel free to leave their thoughts on their way out 😊

Thanks for stopping by 😅😃😀

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1 thought on “April schedule”

  1. […] April schedule.: The A-Z challenge is a challenge not too familiar to me till I fell on it on 26th March then took a week to prepare the month of posting. It was indeed a great challenge and a way forward. This month my stats improved greatly and I’m happy. Very glad I put myself up to it 💃😊💓✊ […]

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