A Summary….part3

For those of you that missed the previous editions, please do check out A summary and A Summary..part2 for even more post summaries. Normally I post a summary for every 60posts published on Idealizeblog but to be honest, it had slipped my mind and I have been very busy lately. Not to mention my technological […]

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Une pierre, trois coups..

My General Appreciations On Wednesday 12th April,2017 at 8am-Local time, I was privileged enough and thrilled to receive 1000 total likes on this blog. Some would think that I’d be tired of thanking people and get use to breaking records. But guess what? I’m not and as long as I can, I’ll always thank those […]

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  Enthusiasm, thrill Joyful, zeal A painting on a wall Which is out to tell us all. The will to survive A will to be Wanna be recognised Make it to the hall of fame Touch souls Help them make it though it all. A role model The one that sets standards. A reference for […]

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Young Phoenix award

To my ideal readers, I’m proud to announce to you all my very first bloggers’ award. My own creation, something I’ve taken time to think through intensively. The Phoenix award In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a long–lived bird that cyclically regenerated or was reborn. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from […]

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Xenophobia is living in free and knowing it’s another man’s land. Xenophobia is cries from blood shed through anger. Xenophobia is looking for a brother but not seeing me as a human being. Xenophobia is burning fields, slaughter men for who I am. Xenophobia is Hatred at its purest state. Xenophobia is a state of […]

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  *_Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value._* — _Albert Einstein_ *The value inside* The quality of your inner life directly drives the quality of your entire life. Although the value inside is not everything, it touches and positively affects everything that matters to you. […]

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