Dear somebody, anybody..

To My Ideal readers,
Days have passed, strength regained.

Hard coughs, heavy breathing.

Fever, heaving headaches.

Infections, loads of medications.

Hospitalisation, doctors’ prescriptions.

Hypotension, 38Β°C body temperature.

Bradycardia, muscle contractions.

Vasoconstrictions, severe shivering.

Seemed to be a hard battle, my kidneys have had a heavy struggle.

Immune system is back on track, now I’m back in business.

Thanks for all the prayers πŸ™ and guidance, all the thoughts πŸ™Œ and well wishings.πŸ’

Lots of love and teddy bear hugs πŸ’‘

Yours sincerely,

I, Me, You, We, Us πŸ»πŸ’πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

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9 thoughts on “Dear somebody, anybody..

      1. You are very much welcome, friend! Of course! My switzerland post is up now too on the blog with a lot of photos that you might like! Hope to hear from you! And awaiting your next post! XOXO Chy –

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