God wasn’t asleep when He created the architect of the female anatomy.

He wasn’t drunk when He outlined her curves.
God wasn’t bewitched when He made her attractive.

He wasn’t blind when He gave her long hair.

That secret hole which creates intimacy.

9 months of beauty and gene transmission.

Hours of labour that’s the foundation of all nations.

Offsprings spring from her motherly womb.

Her natural scent is better than the rest.

Pleasure clinges on her clitoris.

Her breasts have an endless story to tell.

Imperfections make up her perfections.

Everything is gold in her perception.

Monthly she’s reminded of her splendour.
Lightens up her world by simple gestures.

Blood of magnificence, blood of fertility.

5days of womanly experience.

Some say God is a woman, our motherly figure.

The conclusion remains yours to make…

In the mirror, all I see is perfection in all those imperfections defined by mankind. A woman is perfection… Idealize

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