My secret hideout

In my cave.
My Hideout from the world
Where no light peaks in.
No cracks nor potholes.
Fresh air remains scarce.
Clinging onto life.
Survival is my best friend.
Death’s hidden, out of sight.
He continiously knocks at my front door.
Would love if I let him in.
With his sexy smile and seducing looks.
But is obviously up to no good.

“I need an angel, a sign from above.

Just an indication so I know what’s right.”

I wait for hours, dust fills my lungs.
Holding onto hope as the strength runs out.

Helas, at once,
It all became clear.
My eyes finally opened.
Wisdom held my hand.
How blind the world can be.
In the face of adversity.
Where wars and famine reign .
Salvation remains individual.
True love should be spread by me….

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written by M.A.B.D.O

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