February 28th

WOW just about anything and everything can be found on internet indeed, just think about it and probabilities are that someone else has already thought of it too 😂 (I’m talking about the birthday song and clip included in this post just in case you haven’t figured it out yet 😋😂😊) Our first anniversary, OMG […]

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Embracing yourself..

Hi fellow bloggers, hope you’re all doing great. Its been a while i posted here. It’s because i’ve been occupied with a lot of school assignments but i’m now learing to balance blogging with academice work. Here is an article i recently wrote about appreciating one’s self. It was born out of a true life […]

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Love endlessly..

When I listen to these songs, it happens that for a moment I believe that true love can and does exist. Just start looking for it and it’ll find you. Last one but certainly not the least. Here’s my Facebook page and twitter. (Featured images curtesy of Google).  

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Arid lands

Arid lands Suffer of drought Low precipitation Rivers dry out Plants wilt Life is in danger Species qre extincted A scorching sun Sustainable land management The scientists’ solution To increase productivity Sustain agriculture But how many know Or respect the norms They prefer lifetime practices A generations’ culture But it’s time to take action Be […]

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From a friend to another..

 A word to the wise is sufficient AUCUNE FILLE N’EST FACILE ET AUCUN GARS N’EST STUPIDE. En fait, la fille qui est dans ton lit en seulement 3 jours de rencontre et que tu traites de “Facile” est la même qu’un autre essaie de conquerir à tout prix depuis plus de 3 ans. Donc prend […]

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In my cave. My Hideout from the world Where no light peaks in. No cracks nor potholes. Fresh air remains scarce. Clinging onto life. Survival is my best friend. Death’s hidden, out of sight. He continiously knocks at my front door. Would love if I let him in. With his sexy smile and seducing looks. […]

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Valentine’s fever

  It’s the valentine’s fever, the month of Love. With chocolates, flowers, kisses and hugs. Couples out, single in Much awaited thrust Happiness indeed Expensive gifts, costly food. A moment to share, to make some memories A moment to oath, pathetic as that may seem. Seems pointless to me, never lived it indeed.  Just hope […]

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Glitter sprinkling everywhere you are. Twinkle twinkle little star. The lone star in a dark stormy night. A light shown at the end of the tunnel so bright. Written by M.A.B.D.O Here’s my Facebook page and twitter. (Featured images curtesy of Google).

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