On the 1st of December 2016, I official reached the great number of 100 posts published, I was more then proud especially since it hasn’t been an easy journey but I made it and I knew loads were to come.

Yes it was 100 posts but some of them were reblogged posts too so I didn’t consider it 100 just yet. I had to make it 100 posts, written and published by me..

It might sound silly but I’m someone who treasures self-achieved goals and this was one of them. So if I am publishing this today, it means I finally reached the whole number of self-achieved and written 100 posts on Idealizeblog.

It has been a long journey with its ups and downs but i have made it and intend to go even further. Over the mountains, through the valleys and go around all obstacles that may present itself to me. By God’s grace..

I would like to thank all those who have been with me through it all, their love, likes and supports were of great help. It helped me and shall continue to do so.

Thanks soo much……..

Hope to see y’all around always😀

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