I took a look in the mirror
That same old thing
Bathed with cobwebs
Cracked by age.

This same old mirror
A gift of three decades
Through which I’ve seen
Some horrible things

My mirror wiped my tears
Got rid of all my fears
Shipped us through
Struggles and the ages

Mirror reflects my every being
A thing I hate at times
Could break me down
Reconstructs when it likes.

My mirror’s been by my side
For 30years counting.
Never seems to tire of me
Could start it all over again
Is certainly willing

I’ve wrinkled and fragiled
Grown fat and old
Seen our children grow
Till we’ve been left only

My mirror promised me love
Till death do us part
Loves me, cherishes me
Like no other person knew how.

My twin, my soul
My life, my all.

My mirror is the heartbeat
To whom I clench
And hold…

written by M.A.B.D.O

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