A letter to my love..

Dear love,

Hey you. How are you? I’m fine..kinda missed you though… Is that normal given what has happened and your attitude these passed days?

Anyways, let’s not argue. I’ve always hated that the most. Maybe that’s why I’ve fell silent and stopped talking to you the way I use to these days. Just because I feel like you are always looking for an argument eventhough you know pertinently well how much it affects me.

I was listening to the radio this morning and a couple consular was talking about love, marriage and relationships. I was greatly intrigued when he started to talk about conflicts and misunderstandings that occur in a couple. The fact that we all expect our partners to think and be who we’ve decided. He defined what he called “positive”  and “negative silencei.e cutting communication for any reason whatsoever.

It’s positive  when it’s to avoid conflicts, something negative. When taking into consideration the mood, circumstances and current events. This reminded me of my own silence ’cause I preferred you concentrate on your difficulties: private, academic and professional life. The truth being I’m not yet part of it all officially.

Negative when it becomes detrimental, consuming and inflicts pain on your own part as an individual and eventually the couple as a whole. Just like this present situation where I’m taking it upon myself to be your support whereas it seems my own needs aren’t being met.

The consular also laid lots of emphasis on the importance of “communication”,  true understanding in a relationship, real sharing and bonding not just in “good times “.

What do you think about this? I know your sense of objectivity so I am indeed interested.

Write to me soon.

Love you.


written on 23rd August 2016 at 3:14am.


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