/NB: No offense should be taken by the content of this post, no judgements are passed. This post was written with lots of objectivity and only points of views are shared. Noone is forced to agree. Life is a choice and I chose to write this. Thanks for your comprehension/

Telling your female child that her brain is useless ’cause all she needs is her face/body isn’t out to help her in any way. Not only will she eventually become a prisoner in her own mind and world but be imprisoned by society.

Beauty standards are always on the move, what is/was considered “beautiful” today will definitely not be considered “beautiful” tomorow. Slut shaming will never become a thing of the past if us women are the first to throw stones and pass judgements on our female counterparts.

What’s really admirable about the males is their unconditional support. Not one day will you see a male underlook his counterpart, even in wrong, and that’s what makes their strength. Whilest women spend their time pulling each others hair and dragging each other down, men unite to keep us “at home” with the help of our female equals.

It will never be a fashion parade nor eternal challenge to be the “innest” when it comes to fashion or “well make-uped” or “with the richest boyfriend” or “the most suitable marriage” or simply to be “married” all together.

Single women are made to feel like they have no worth with “no ring on their finger” or children to prove “her womanhood”. All this is with the help of other female counterparts. No wonder most women find themselves in marriages where unhappiness is a daily routine, where they can’t even remember what joy is. Where their hopes are put upon the children’s shoulders, tryna mould it into a life they didn’t have- Getting more involved then they should…So how do we expect mentalities to advance when it comes down to “equalities”. I’m not talking about job  opportunities but simply girl child education where in the 20th century, some girl children are still being deprived of that right.

Some still refuse to acknowledge the importance and the base that a girl is in her present and future family. Developement, nutrition, culture passes through women. We bring life as well as we can take it away when we are forced to stay ignorant.

The general impression is most women are against change ’cause they feel that if they went through it, why shouldn’t we? The virus of selfishness and collective revenge where the slave enslave themselves instead of looking for ways to free themselves of their slavery.

I don’t know what the remedy to this may be but by sharing, passing the message, letting yourself be heard, we’ll be building a better world for our future girl generations. A world where their voices trully count. A world where they won’t be ashamed to have breasts. A world where they truly decide who can touch them. A free world.

Have a mastery of your environment, the choice is all  yours…IDEALIZE

[Harvey Keitel:] Ms. Third ward, your first question – what is your aspiration in life?
[Beyoncé:] Oh… My aspiration in life… would be… to be happy.

(Uh huh huh) x3

[Verse 1:]
Mama said, “You’re a pretty girl.
What’s in your head, it doesn’t matter
Brush your hair, fix your teeth.
What you wear is all that matters.

Just another stage, pageant the pain away
This time I’m gonna take the crown
Without falling down, down, down

Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst
Perfection is a disease of a nation, pretty hurts, pretty hurts (pretty hurts).
Pretty hurts (pretty hurts), we shine the light on whatever’s worst
We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

(Uh huh huh)

[Verse 2:]
Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says, “Bigger is better.”
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says, “Thinner is better.”


Ain’t got no doctor or pill that can take the pain away
The pain’s inside and nobody frees you from your body
It’s the soul, it’s the soul that needs surgery
It’s my soul that needs surgery
Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
Then you break when the fake facade leaves you in the dark
You left with shattered mirrors and the shards of a beautiful girl


When you’re alone all by yourself (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
And you’re lying in your bed (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Reflection stares right into you (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Are you happy with yourself? (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)

You stripped away the masquerade (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
The illusion has been shed (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Are you happy with yourself? (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Are you happy with yourself? (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)

Uh huh huh

Love yourself first and the world will adore you

I wish could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too
I was told I was beautiful
But what does that mean to you
Look into the mirror who’s inside there
The one with the long hair
Same old me again today (yeah)My outsides look cool
My insides are blue
Everytime I think I’m through
It’s because of you
I’ve tried different ways
But it’s all the same
At the end of the day
I have myself to blame
I’m just trippin’

You can buy your hair if it won’t grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up
That M.A.C. can make
But if you can’t look inside you
Find out who am I too
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty
I’ll make you feel unpretty too

Never insecure until I met you
Now I’m bein’ stupid
I used to be so cute to me
Just a little bit skinny
Why do I look to all these things
To keep you happy
Maybe get rid of you
And then I’ll get back to me (hey)

My outsides look cool
My insides are blue
Everytime I think I’m through
It’s because of you
I’ve tried different ways
But it’s all the same
At the end of the day
I have myself to blame
I’m just trippin’



Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh)




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